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It’s over

No more lectures! It’s quite strange really to think my second year is almost over. But, I’m ready to take on my exams and have an amazing summer break. Now that lectures are officially over, I ensured that I went to every lecture! why? Because this is the last chance to get some clues about what will be on the exam and what the tutor is looking for.

Make sure you’re asking plenty of questions and you are emailing your tutor about any concerns. The weighting of each question? How much time is needed on each question? Do you need to use primary and secondary sources? Plenty to be thinking about. Make sure you have your revision notes written at least a week before your final lectures so you can clarify anything you have found during your work. Otherwise, you will be sending a lot of emails, which is not the best idea because you will be waiting on replies.

Although it’s exam time, that doesn’t mean stay in your room or the library (if you manage to find a seat) all the time, keep your body active! Do different things, keep exercising, even stretching helps! My back is currently like the hunchback of Notre-Dame, so I’m spending every morning and evening to so simple stretches. Helps with posture and encourages you to relax. Relax your shoulders and jaw constantly, trust me you need to feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Things stay in your head better when you’re fully focused on that aspect not wondering and getting frustrated on the pains in your body. Make sure you are eating well, I get hungry so quickly throughout the day, and I’m making sandwiches all day because I see it as a break from revision. Get some cheap and cheerful snacks ready for these periods.

Maintain momentum? PLAN YOUR SUMMER! Give yourself something to get excited about! While you’re scrolling save some summer ideas, and find out ways to productively procrastinate. Apply for work experiences, update your CV, think of dissertation ideas, text or call your friends and family (preferably people who are not at university or are students because you will both end up moaning about work and you won’t be fully engaged in the conversation). The main thing is to keep your mind occupied with various things so you are not bored of your work. You’d rather have 20mins of solidly focused revision than 1 hour of sloppy forced work. It’s all about listening to what your head wants.

Realities of term 3. It’s boring at times and quite tiresome. Nobody wants to go out and socialise as much, everyone has their exams at the back of their minds. Even if you plan something it’s hard because you know yourself you’d rather be sitting trying to work. Keep up to date with your friends, simple texts or coffee meet ups are a nice way to relax with each other. The weather is nice, so you can always just go for a walk with one another. Tea breaks, make dinner with each other, or anything you both can do together. If you can study with your friends even better (I can’t even sit on campus without getting distracted), but depends how you like to work.

Change your notes, re-write them in a different way. One thing that helped me with my revision was to condense my notes onto a few pieces of paper. Colour coding, using symbols and illustrations, anything to make my information easier to take around with me anywhere. By having less on a piece of paper you are more likely to remember more since you have only little prompts on your revision sheet, instead of full and developed notes. It’s a great way to test yourself.

Good luck with your exams and keep moving and keep going. The end is soon!

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