“It’s not about the money, money, money…” But it kinda is… at least when you’re a uni student – OurWarwick

“It’s not about the money, money, money…” But it kinda is… at least when you’re a uni student

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The accuracy… sigh

This blog is about my golden rules of living sustainably and on a budget as a university student as well as avoiding those bank balance nightmares we all see in memes on facebook.

– Pack lunch and dinner to campus

Usually, I pack lunch and dinner with me to campus if I know I’ll be studying on campus till late. This not only saves me pennies from eating out on campus, it also saves me from having a hard time deciding what to get from the Library café or Dirty Duck and save me time from the long queues during meal times.

– Bring tea bags and instant coffee sachets to campus and invest in a travel thermal mug

If you’re a tea/coffee lover, buying a cuppa from the café every day is going to cost you quite a lot of money in the long run. Instead, there are several locations on campus where you have access to hot water such as the Chaplaincy and University House, so all you need are a travel thermal mug and the ingredients to your favourite hot drink to drink away those morning blues or as a midday pick-me-up for free!

– Top up eating at warwick card (ie. Student ID)

Eating at Warwick scheme offers 10% discount in cafes, restaurants and Rootes grocery store on campus. Although I have packed lunches and snacks most of the time, I crave for a foamy flat white or a warm croissant once in a while and having my topped-up student ID around can help me save quite a lot during my time here at uni.

– Shop wisely

Use a shopping list to avoid those instinct purchases, avoid products that use lots of packaging but pick vegetables and fruits individually instead (as they’re usually cheaper as well)… just several of many simple ways that help me to shop on a budget and reduce carbon footprint.

– Cook smartly

Apart from cooking larger portions for meal prepping, there are also other ways that cooking cautiously can save energy and money such as taking the food that needs to be warmed up from the fridge 20 minutes before when you want to eat it so that it takes less time to warm it up in a microwave, using the oven when your housemates/flat mates are using it too and many more.

– Always pre-drink/ BYOB

Whether you’re hitting the club on a Thursday night or crashing a house party, the fact that alcohol in Tesco and ALDI is the cheapest is not going to change. So, before heading out on your next big night out, go alcohol shopping with a friend, you might even find some amazing deals.

– Work part-time

If I’m being totally honest, I’m a shopaholic and I have an appetite of a full football team which means I kinda spend a lot too, so I need to find ways to sustain my living. I work as a part-time performance steward at Warwick Arts Centre and as a student blogger. As an Engineering student with a rather irregular timetable every year, it is hard to commit to a job with fixed working hours weekly which is why I really like the flexibility in the working hours of these two jobs. There are also a lot of other opportunities where you can find on Unitemps and the SU website. Moreover, I participate in SONA experiments occasionally. SONA is basically where participants complete experiments carried out by the Psychology Department for research purposes and get paid either by cash or amazon vouchers. Again, I just sign up whenever I am available so this doesn’t affect my studies.

So here are just several ways I find helpful in living (kinda) environmentally-friendly and managing my daily expenses.

Hope you’re having a wonderful term break and not too stressed out about all the deadlines and exams ahead of you!

Jane x

Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

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