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Its my birthday

Hello. I hope you are all well and enjoyed the half term break.

I managed to get away last week to not so sunny Norfolk but on the plus side it was a free holiday in a friend’s caravan and we got to feed red deer and lambs. Today is my birthday (whoop). Many thanks to my class mates for the presents and cake. My son was sad that I did not get a train for my birthday (he is obsessed) though he was not keen on the idea of me sharing his for the day.

The pressure is on now to get everything in before exam revision starts. I am hoping to pick some revision tips in study skills nearer the time that I can share on my blog.

Today in Health and Social Policy we were discussing poverty both absolute and relative and how different governments have defined, measured and responded to poverty differently. During the workshop we filled in a tick list of things we thought were a necessity or not. It was interesting to see how even if people have something such as an indoor toilet they do not necessarily see it as a necessity for someone else until they think about how they would cope without one.

My research project is coming along now with some of my surveys having come back already. This next week I need to arrange my focus group and start analysing the data in order to wright up my discussion.

I am looking forward to getting back out to events as a CLL ambassador and spending a bit more time getting to know the new ambassadors.

I hope the snow is not affecting you too much and that you are able to get out and have some fun in it. Stay safe.

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