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It’s Christmaaaaas

Well done, 10 weeks over and done. We survived! Now for 4 weeks of relaxing…oh wait some work too. In amongst filling our faces with chocolate and mulled wine it might be a good idea to consolidate first term. Take it from the girl who left first year revision solely to term 3, it was not fun. My advice is at the very least make notes and condense your lectures down, no one wants to face a mountain 30 slides every time they go to revise a lecture. I’m not saying go crazy and learn every piece of detail, it’s more of a checking your understanding of your own notes so you can go back and clarify them.

But don’t forget to have fun! See old friends and please catch up on sleep! The break will go like lightspeed so you’ll be seeing the geese again in no time.

Just a note on Biosoc, we’re currently well underway into planning our spring time ball! The location is (drum roll please)….The Leamington Pump rooms. Tickets are released in term 2 and it’s the perfect time to see all of your course friends out of their lab coats and looking fancy! Hopefully I’ll see you there

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