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It’s beginning to look a lot like Reading Week

Hello, reading week! Well, technically I need to survive a Russian class tomorrow before it is officially week 6, but seeing as I don’t actually get a reading week for Russian, I’m making Thursday the new Friday and celebrating early.  Although, celebrating is a strange word, given I’m sat in my room, being serenaded by the geese, planning my week of word ahead.  Reading week is indeed a double-edged sword; sure, you get a week off to supposedly catch up and “read” but lecturers don’t hold back with the work, especially as they know you don’t have contact time as an excuse.  

Taking in the fact that the trees still have leaves, even if the sudden winter chill will change that in a couple of days

Indeed, it seems that winter happened overnight. Since the clocks went back it has been seriously cold; cold enough that I am not celebrating that it is no longer raining, and instead focusing on how to make it to my lectures without my nose running and cheeks going insanely red. Suddenly those 9AMs are a whole different type of painful. What makes it worse is despite my miraculous recovery from my fresher’s flu/ hangover medley in week 3, my body has indeed let me down once again, gifting me this week with a bacterial throat infection. Dreamy stuff. So, a big shout out to the Health Centre on campus for giving me an appointment the morning I called, and for always providing wonderful care to us students at Warwick. 

However, the past three weeks have not been all doom and gloom, even if tonight is Halloween. In light of spooky season, some lovely friends and I decided to visit the pumpkin patch in Kenilworth. Yes, who knew, Kenilworth of all places would have a pumpkin patch- and a massive one at that, if you look at the thumbnail. In reality, it is only a huge marquee in a rather muddy field, filled with thousands of pumpkins and all the trashy halloween decor you could ever need, as well as a cute cafe serving jacket potatoes. Yet it made for another lovely day out and has produced an endless supply of pumpkin-related baked goods: bread, muffins, pies… no lattes however.

Pumpqueens forever

So with the days getting darker, deadlines mounting, sicknesses brewing and the morning chill making it seem impossible to wake up and get to lectures every day, it is important to look on the figurative bright side of life. For example, the delightful Warwick food market that comes around on a Wednesday, challenging all my negativity with a delicious halloumi wrap…

Look at the mounds of halloumi! That is how you get your money’s worth

Or the fact that last weekend I took a little visit home, which meant I got to see my little lad, Wilbur

Look at him

Luckily, I will have the pleasure of seeing him again soon, as even though I planned to not go home at all during reading week (as I am actually off to Madrid halfway through) I will be making a brief trip to my Brother’s house to watch the Rugby World Cup final on Saturday. Having South African family but growing up in England means this will be such an exciting game, however, I will be supporting the Springboks. (Although, as long as the All Blacks don’t win, I am happy, so a shout out to England for that). If you are on campus and can stomach the temperature, they will be showing the final on the big screen in the piazza, and I think it will be a wonderful (if slightly cold) event. 

With so much going on around campus and with studying, I think it will be a busy few weeks for everyone, so good luck, and stay positive… Just think, it will almost be sociably acceptable to publically listen to Christmas music- what a time to be alive!

With love,

Catherine xx

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