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It’s been a while… life after university

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May and June have certainly been different to how I anticipated my final university months to go.

Days spent in the piazza, going out for coffees in Leamington, enjoying the summer offerings of Warwickshire. Unfortunately, there were different plans in place. The anti-climatic end to my degree was sat at my desk, submitting my exam-replacement, not coming out of the exam hall celebrating. It still doesn’t quite feel like the end of university, although it’s been almost a month since this happened. One minute I was presenting and writing my dissertation, the next I’m sat at my desk researching jobs and trying to find things to do for the next few months.

Right after finishing, I had to quarantine for several weeks (after self-isolating for the previous three months) alongside dealing with several personal problems, but thankfully despite the end of my degree drawing nearer the support from my deaprtment was unwavering, which is something I will be missing – although that’s a post to be published soon!

In the meantime, I’ve focused on upskilling and taking the time to take part in several courses online of interest, including one in forensics and one in climate change policy. I’ve been interested in finding local organizations to join since societies will not be such a large part of my graduate life, and have signed up for a talk on Coventry’s Carbon policy (much more interesting than it may look!).

I’ve also taken up more responsibility in the organizations I volunteer with as I find myself with more free time.

Warwick’s Career’s Service is still offering workshops and one-to-one sessions for advice throughout this period, and I have signed up for a session in preparation for interviews and applications as more positions open up.

Applying for jobs in the middle of a pandemic is not the easiest thing in the world.

I thought I was prepared for applications, as I had spent the last few months researching. With many furloughed and additional redundancies, I’ve had to mentally prepare to face this hunt for a longer time than I anticipated, and have broadened my search outside of the West Midlands in the hopes of striking gold.

A photo of the author and her friend taken in a mirror outside of a tudor-style pub.

Not only this but I’ve set a few personal fitness targets as well. Once lockdown started, my family and I decided that we would take up running with Couch25K and we have continued with the program throughout this. We’re very lucky to live near a public footpath that is rarely used and provides some very scenic routes! I’ve also been increasing my fitness through going on walks – recently completing a 15km round walk to Coombe Abbey, a country park that is worth a visit and only a short drive from Warwick itself.

Finally, I’ve been enjoying the strange feeling of not having another year of education ahead of me – although the panic-masters is always in my mind. I’ve chosen to work while I decide what I would like to study further so I don’t rush into anything as my interests are varied, but the temptation to stay in academics for one more year is there!

I don’t have long left as a student (officially) which also means that soon my time as a blogger here will come to an end – and it’s been a wild but fun four years. I would love to look back on my time at Warwick in my next blog, and give a few highlights from my time at uni!

Is there anything you would be interested in hearing about in the next few posts?

As always, please feel free to message me or comment below with any questions, suggestions, or even if you would just like to chat!


Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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