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It only seems like yesterday.

My oldest daughter has a special birthday today. I won’t let on the number, except to say I was a very young Mum 🙂 and don’t know where the time has gone. Sam is also a student at Warwick in Centre for Lifelong Learning, at the moment studying at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College. The weekend saw us getting dressed as fantasy characters for her party. I went as a witch, no change there! Sorry no pictures of me, except on facebook, perhaps I will download some for next time.

The dissertation is coming along, I am meeting up with an old friend later to do an interview, hopefully the last but I have a couple of other willing (?) participants if I need more to underpin the results once coded. Gosh I sound as if I might have a clue as to what I am talking about!!!

Everything is gathering pace as we rush toward the Easter break. Mixed emotions as the end of term means the end of most of my seminars, which I enjoy. I am also applying for the PGDE course for next year and am checking out funding options for that so busy busy busy. Then it will be hunting for a temp job over the summer break. I really do not know where people get the idea that the student life is an easy one.

I was really pleased today and excited as someone who works on campus came to find out about enrolling the 2+2 course having chatted to some of the other students. I always get excited when a person takes the step towards gaining greater knowledge and I have so enjoyed my time as a student. It is a privilege to pass on the information about the course to others. Made my day!

Have a good one and I will be writing again soon.

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