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Is Warwick really in the middle of nowhere?

I’m sure a lot of you have heard people say Warwick is in the middle of nowhere. I can safely assure you that it is not! ? I thought I’d tell you about what you can do in and around the university which makes it an interesting place to study at.


For some people, the most important social activity is a good night out. This is one department that Warwick certainly doesn’t lack in. We have our very own copper rooms in the SU were our infamous POP! takes place. If you enjoy good music and want to have a good laugh with your friends listening to Dave’s music in the copper rooms is a good shout.

If you don’t want to spend your time on campus, then we have clubs in Leamington Spa. We have Smack, Kasbah, Assembly and Neon – something available for everyone’s taste buds! You will quickly learn which clubs are the best to go to on certain days and you’ll definitely have your favourite.

I’m sure not all of you are interested in the night life so I’ll talk about some of the other things you can do!



On the bus, Coventry city centre is approx. 20 mins away. Here we have shops ranging from Costa to Primark to Nandos. If you enjoy shopping, you might decide to stick to the retail shops but if like me you enjoy a good meal you might want to check out the different cuisines available.

Do not fear, Coventry is not the only place to go! Coventry train station is approx. 15 mins away and you can get the train to pretty much anywhere. The train to London takes roughly an hour and I’m sure your aware there lots to do in London (I might have to do a separate blog on this!)

You can also get the train to Birmingham city centre which is approx. 30 mins on the train!



If you enjoy culture/history, you might want to take a trip down to Warwick Castle.

Warwick Castle fun facts:

1. It is older than some European countries

2. It was once owned by a two-year-old girl

3. It is home to the world’s most powerful catapult

I think these show that Warwick isn’t actually in the middle of nowhere. I personally think it is in a good location. Its not too quiet but its not too loud at the same time! ?


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