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Is uni the same it used to be?

Tanishk Saha | Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) Contact Tanishk

An understanding of the new version of university we’re heading into.

It feels strange, going back to university. This year was meant to be the cherry on the icing on the cake. The culminating year of my degree, the most active year, socially, academically, from all aspects. 

Fresher’s Week this year will be different. Lectures will be different; no more irritating coughs interrupting the first few weeks of lectures, no more struggling with ‘freshers flu’ (I hope).

None of the classic ‘meet and greet’ sessions we so enjoyed. A night out on the town, chilling at Wetherspoons, sipping on a beer and reconnecting with peers after a long summer break. 

Last year, I remember being so stressed; I landed on a Monday and jumped into the responsibilities of an Executive Committee responsibility on Tuesday morning, still reeling from jet-lag. It was stressful, but it was definitely a key part of the university experience for me.

This year, things are going to go at an easier pace; as I head into the UK, I will be required to stay at home for 14 days, self-isolating. Time to plan things out. That’s not something I’m used to, but now is probably the time to get used to it. 

Even though it is strange, I am looking forward to it. I want to go back to university, even if the meaning of going to university has now changed. 

Human beings are inventive; we can find innovative ways to connect with one another, even at a social and safe distance. I look forward to ‘meet’ and ‘greet’ members of my newly-formed society (it’s about hummus) online, sharing memories and experiences with my friends during walks in the park, enjoying a coffee-to-go from Spa Town Coffee (my favourite coffee place in Leamington Spa) sitting in the beautiful Jephson Gardens. 

There are an amazing number of opportunities, things and experiences that we can look forward to. All we need to do is look in the right places. I hope both you, dear reader, and I know where to look.

It’s going to be an interesting year; I am intent on making it an amazing one, too. 

What are you worried about, heading into uni? What are you looking forward to? Tell me in the comments, or reach out to me via the OurWarwick messaging platform!

Tanishk Saha | Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) Contact Tanishk

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