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Is Sociology A Useless Degree?

Several people don’t see Sociology as a respected field of study. Some even see it as a “mickey-mouse” subject. When I first told my mum that I wanted to study it, she asked what I was going to do with a Sociology degree. If you have a family like mine, then you know that the only career prospects available to you are related to medicine, law, accounting and engineering. Being a sociologist is NOT on the cards. That was fine for me to be honest. Sociology was something that I’d always wanted to learn about but had never gotten the opportunity to do so until university. I was never keen on pursuing it as a career. However, I would be lying if I said that there weren’t times where I questioned if I had chosen the right degree. I guess the lack of approval from my mum made me assume that most people would see me as an unserious candidate for studying Sociology. Once I started the course though, I realised that I had made the best possible decision. I was learning about things that I genuinely found interesting. I never imagined that I would like writing 2000-word essays, but once the week of submission comes around and I finally get started, I actually enjoy it. Then I think, why didn’t I start this earlier? But then the cycle repeats itself next exam season. Don’t be like me – but I know most of you won’t listen, so let me know how that works out for you 🙂

When I was a prospective student, one of my concerns stemmed from my belief that Sociology isn’t an employable degree. I couldn’t have been more wrong. During my first year, there was a careers fair designed specifically for Sociology students, and we got to see the range of careers that are available to us. One of our modules even had a week dedicated to helping us become more employable. With all the support you receive, you can most definitely get a good job. You can access careers in social research, the civil service and the list goes on! And if you’re anything like me and you’re trying to secure the bag, then well-paying careers such as consulting, law and investment banking are still available to you with a degree in Sociology. 

So, tell me, how can Sociology be a useless degree when you have all these viable career paths that value the skills the course offers you? Don’t let what anyone says about the course discourage you because it is what you make it. 

If you need any advice or words of encouragement, feel free to message me.

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