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Is it worth joining the Law society?

I thought I’d write about some of the opportunities available through the law society.


We have a yearly careers dinner which consists of some of the largest law firms in the country. They send employees to speak to students. You get to pick a preference of which firms you want to sit with, and you change tables after every course. The careers team also put on firm visits where you can sign up to visit firms in London and spend a day in their offices. There are also events on campus such as ‘meet the vac schemers’ where people who have done vac schemes come and speak to you so you can learn about different firms and how to succeed in their applications.


We have two social secretaries who plan a range of events. These events include, a pub crawl, circling at pop! every so often and trips to nightclubs outside of Coventry such as smack. At the end of my first year the law society had a bbq after exams to celebrate the end of first year. Obviously not something we could do this year :/  


Last year we had 10 pro bono initiatives. These ranged from helping students like yourself make an informed decision about university to helping US attorneys research death penalty cases. I am involved in the Law Trek programme. I go to visit schools to tell them about my experiences of studying law and what opportunities are available to them. With the DPP, we carry out research tasks such as finding newspapers or collating agenda information into a spreadsheet for ease of access.


The main competitions organised by the law society are the first-year internal moot, commercial moot and negotiations. These competitions are a great way to learn about what a potential career in law can look like. The negotiations usually consist of an acquisition and you act on behalf of the seller/buyer. For a moot you are essentially role playing a case in the court of appeal. These consist of criminal, medical, contractual issues.

Law Ball

This is our one event of the year where we can dress up in our ballgowns and suits and celebrate the year in style. Ball is usually held at a venue away from campus with a specific theme for that year. Head over the the Law Soc FB page to see pictures of ball from this year and the themes we’ve had over the last couple of years.

These are just some of the things LawSoc does. Head over to the FB/IG page to see what other the activities we do across the year.

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