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Is Classics at Warwick right for you?

Results day is fast approaching and adjustment and clearing may be something that could be applicable to you!

Some things to consider when thinking about choosing other universities (no particular order)…

1. Distance from home

2. The grade boundaries, consider how much work you had to put in in order to achieve the grades you did for your A levels. Remember being at university you have to work independently, there won’t be any tutors who can help you with your work like a private tutor may do (If you have one at home).

3. What do you want out of your degree?You have to balance home life, uni socialising and work, how disciplined are you? What are you looking for at uni? Purely the academic experience, or do you want to go out to uni to find a balance? Sit and think what are your goals and what do you want out of these next 3 years of your life? In my opinion, Warwick is a university that has the benefit of being strictly a campus Uni. You will constantly be surrounded by students by living in halls, even when living out of campus in your second and 3rd year, you will always bump into Warwick students. That community feel is unique. There is always someone to help you, there’s plenty of facilities and resources to help you make your university experience as easy as possible. Societies are at the core of Warwick university, there is ALWAYS something going on that you can get involved, but are you a person who is willing to go out there and commit to something.

4. Think of your study habits? The classics department is honestly one of the most organised departments. You will get weekly emails with department updates. You will get meetings after you have submitted an essay. And you will have termly meetings with your personal tutor. But the tutors are always available, and ready to help. Honestly, they are always willing to help and provide you with guidance.

5. Flexibility of the degree As you may know, that Warwick offers a few courses that will suit to your strengths. There’s Ancient history (For those who aren’t big fans of the ancient languages, but want to focus on the cultural and historical), Classical Civilisation (For those who are willing to learn the ancient languages or strengthen them alongside cultural and historical topics), and Classics (for those who are focusing more on the languages). The main difference between the courses is the degree to how much work you have to do with the languages. Also, you have the flexibility to choose philosophy modules and in your 2nd and 3rd year you can choose a module from any department (minor limitations may apply). But overall, the department is willing to adjust to your strengths and ensure that you are happy with your academic journey.

Any other questions just ask! No questions is a silly question 🙂

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