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Introducing the Venice programme

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Frequently asked questions about the Venice programme

If you choose to join us in the History of Art department, one exciting thing to look forward to is the Venice Programme that is presented to ALL of the students. This rare opportunity means that each student who chooses to come along will get to experience living in Venice with 2-4 of their course mates in Venice or in the surrounding islands for 10 weeks. As this may be the first time some of you will be travelling out of the country or travelling without family, here are a few things that you might want to know about the trip…

Finding Accommodation

One of the most frequently asked questions about Venice is where everyone stays. While the course is currently allowed access to the facilities in Ca’ Foscari University (Library etc.), we don’t stay in student accommodation (halls etc.), we rent privately. You do have the choice of finding a landlord/landlady with your own group, however it is recommended that you go through the procedure that the history of art department have in place to make the experience as easy as possible. Typically, you’ll have a meeting with the whole department where you meet the Venice co-ordinator, they will then be able to speak to you and your group about your specific needs (how many bedrooms you need, if you need an easily accessible flat/apartment etc.), and forward different places that suit your needs. From here you then choose which accommodation you and your group are happy with and the details of the landlord/landlady will be given to you.

In addition to this, as you’ll be away for 10 weeks, this may make it difficult for students to find accommodation for when you return from Venice. Because of this, all students are given the choice of staying in halls on campus when you for when you come back, that way you won’t have to pay for two lots of accommodation while studying.

It is worth noting that it is your responsibility to maintain contact with your landlord/landlady and let them know the details of your flight, airport, etc so you aren’t collecting the keys for your flat in the middle of the night (be sure to book a flight that lands either at or before 15:00).


Timetables are structured pretty much the same as they are for students on campus in Warwick. The only difference is that each week the timetables slightly differ. So for example, some weeks you may have lectures/seminars spread out across the day, the week after you may have them condensed into one morning. It all depends on other plans, and when your tutors are available so don’t worry, you will have spare time to visit the islands and immerse yourself into your surroundings.

Travelling in and around Venice

While you are over there, it is highly encouraged that you take the time to visit new places. One great thing about living in Venice is there are an abundance of historical locations and it’s not too expensive to get around. Travelling on the train into mainland Italy is (usually) a lot cheaper than the cost of trains in the UK so there are lots of opportunities to move around and take a look at some new places.

During the week you may also have scheduled day trips with your tutor/course mates to nearby locations, such as Padua. In addition to this, one of the special perks of the Venice Programme, is Week 6. Back on campus in Warwick, week 6 would typically be a reading week, or maybe a week with a couple trips to galleries, in Venice week 6 is Independent Learning Week. This is a big chunk of time (one week with the weekends either side) for you to travel around Italy with your friends. You can choose where you travel and as long as where you’re visiting relates to your studies/module.

Needless to say, this rare opportunity offered by the university allows you the chance to travel independently, live in another country for 10 weeks, learn another language, and immerse yourself into art spanning decades of history.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Feel free to ask me any questions related to the…
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