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Interviews With Two Students

Here’s what uni life is like from people other than me!

What’s your favourite thing about Warwick?

Jemima: Say I am on a course studying languages and I get the chance to go on a year abroad next year where I’m hoping to get a to a couple different countries: Chile and France, and I think it would be really good experience.

Anastacia: Erm my favourite things would be all the societies and clubs and mainly my sports societies from my experience.

What’s your favourite space on campus?

Jemima: Oh so when you’re studying languages we have their trc room which is quite useful as you can watch films and things, and it’s nice to have a space of study outside the library by having this kind of the mini library.

Anastacia: My favourite space out of everything is Gibbet Hill because that’s where I have lectures for my subject and they have a library of their own.

How have you enjoyed living off and on campus?

Jemima: I’ve really enjoyed living in Leamington this year-and last year I lived in Claycroft which was really nice but I prefer having the chance to live a bit farther from campus so we have a break from campus which is really nice.

Anastacia: I enjoyed living on campus because you’re really close to everything and you can easily make all the lectures. Now living off campus is really nice because you have ever more freedom and to get to choose where you live and what house.

What’s the nightlife like?

Jemima: It’s actually quite good and if you don’t live in Leamington there is Kasbah in Coventry which is so cool. Would recommend.

Anastacia: The weekly events of the SU are not too bad but there is access to loads of clubs in Leamington and Coventry city if you wanted to go out more.

How have you found the workload?

Jemima: I do have quite a lot of work spread over the year because I think in languages that’s how your workload is spread rather than suddenly cramming revision in at the end of the year.

Anastacia: Erm it varies, definitely gets more intense in exam season but not too bad and often there’s loads of good tutors to help you. It also depends on how involved you get in societies and clubs.

How would you rate uni out of 10?

Jemima: I would give it an 8

Anastacia: A solid 9 out of 10

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