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Interview with a Liberal Arts Student

After my last two interviews, I felt that I should do another to gain a fellow Liberal Arts student’s view of our degree. The interviewee has requested to remain anonymous for fear of shooting to fame due to exposure in this incredibly widely-read blog.

What is Liberal Arts?

It is an interdisciplinary degree. It involves combining different disciplines to solve real world problems. Everyone can choose a pathway which is essentially a topic they want to specialise in, but this is always backed up by the core modules. These core modules combine politics, philosophy, literature, history, economics, environmental Studies, statistics etc.

How many times have you had to explain that to people?

Not enough. Haha joking, way too many. Nobody knows what it is which is really sad but also tedious, especially when you have to explain to family members at social events. An old guy at the pub was rude about the degree last night when he heard what degree I did but I couldn’t be bothered to argue with him as he probably didn’t even know what it is.

Why did you decide to study Liberal Arts?

I did not want to limit myself to studying just one discipline and I like the broad and critical world view that Liberal Arts transmits. I want to work in a human-rights-related job field and instead of just learning about law I also learn about sociology, history, philosophy and politics and we work more on our critical thinking and other analytical tools. I think this could be a real advantage when looking at real life problems.

What has been your favourite module?

Science, Society and the Media. This is a first year module in which we analysed the role that science plays in society and how discourses in the media affect this. We talked about the mad cow disease. It changed my perspective on cows. Forever. Joking aside, it was a very well put together module and was extremely engaging

What sort of jobs do you think it prepares you for?

Hahahaha ummm….. Any job really. Especially the ones which are not specialised but require a broad understanding and set of professional and analytical skills. I think especially in areas such as Politics and International Relations, Journalism and Media Studies and Global Sustainability studies. But since you have the option to specialise in a discipline, you can also work in jobs which require more specialist knowledge.

What would you say to people who are unsure about studying it?

Don’t choose it if you’re just unsure about what discipline to specialise in. But if you are consciously deciding that being able to use, understand and criticise the methodology of different disciplines will help you to be more successful in your academic and personal life, then Liberal Arts is the right degree for you.

Who’s your least favourite tutor? Joking!

Haha risky question..

Sum it up in three words

It’s pretty cool


I hope any aspiring Liberal Artists out there have found this useful! As always, just comment with any questions if you need to clarify anything.

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