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I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
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On September 10th 2020, my life took a 360-degree turn. I attended a career fair and I heard for the first time about spring weeks and summer internships. This was a new world for me because I come from Peru where there are not these work opportunities. I got stressed so easily and started to work on my future applications. I began to build my CV and research some top firms in the financial industry. Moreover, I attended many events to increase my knowledge about this sector and to meet successful professionals who gave me a lot of advice. One of the top events I attended was Meet Citi: Warwick. There I met Warwick alumni who were working at Citi. It was amazing because we came from a similar background, the same university and have had some similar experiences during our university years.

Some basic advice that I can give you is to attend to many CV clinics as possible or send your CV to different people so you can have a great diverse range of feedbacks. You can contact the Warwick Careers service which launches CV and cover letters clinics, career guidance appointments, mock interviews and more. In this website, you can also find some advice or practice psychometric tests: maths, verbal, situational… There are some websites that also give support, unfortunately, you have to pay for most of them, but you can share your account with some friends to reduce the cost!

Most firms request to upload the CV but not all request a Cover Letter. Be careful and research with time so you will not do a cover letter which is no needed!

Interviews can also vary depending on the firm, some applications processes involve a video interview and an assessment centre (mix of interviews with professionals and HR, and group exercises or case studies); others have a phone-interviews or job simulations. The best advice to be prepared for interviews is to do your research: not just the website of the firms, you should also read reports, news, interviews, videos and experiences of interns and professionals! Do not forget to improve your technical skills. Although you will hear that technicals are not needed, it is always better to have some financial knowledge, at least the basic one: valuations, stock market,…

Spring weeks are very competitive but the application process tends to be easier than the summer internships. Also, you can convert your spring to summer and your summer to your graduate job, so you should always give your best and Ask questions!

You are not going to learn everything you need in your internships but it is a great time to network, to build long term relationships with professionals and other students. Don’t forget that we are there to help each other, not to compete!

You should never give up because you could be rejected more than once but it is up to you to overcome the difficulties.

GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING and have fun, that is the important part!

I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
Find out more about me Contact Daira

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