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Internship season at Warwick

Internship season at Warwick can be intense.  With financial institutions and law firms scouting on campus every other week, I’ve found myself consumed by the pressure to “go corporate”. Perhaps I should also be looking into investment banking and solicitor training contracts??? 

Although the university has made significant efforts to shed light on other career paths by organising career fairs, specifically for public sector and creative industries, the hypervisibility of business, banking and legal firms still feeds into this immense pressure.  

Additionally, dealing with rejection and disappointment that comes with internship season can be really difficult to shoulder while studying and or working alongside. Picking yourself up to complete an essay right after receiving a rejection email, is not easy and we definitely underrate the resilience that goes into doing so.

With the crippling anxiety about unemployment rising, especially now that the economic independence goalpost for young people keeps shifting further and further, I just wanted to write about this in hopes that other people would be encouraged to be open and transparent with career concerns. We’re all in this together!


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