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International Women’s Day

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On Friday 8th March people across the world came together to celebrate International Women’s Day; an annual event aiming to highlight the importance of equality in mankind and the importance of girls and women everywhere. This year the slogan was #BalanceforBetter, highlighting how a balanced world is a better world for everyone. Every year individuals, communities and societies celebrate the achievements of women, raise awareness of the gender gap in society and take action against the inequalities faced by women all over the world, and Warwick Uni was no exception to this.


‘International Women’s Week’ on campus was a whole week dedicated to showing the world how incredible female Warwick students (and the rest of womankind) truly are. The week included feminism workshops open to all students, women’s self-defence classes in the Sports Centre, and even talks and networking events organised by some of the biggest societies on campus, such as Warwick Thinktank and Warwick Anti-Sexism Society. It was a fantastic week hosted and involving all students across campus, raising awareness of the hardships many women in the world continue to face on a daily basis. 

If you’re looking for a way to continue getting involved with IWW at Warwick but missed the events last week (or had too many deadlines to focus on anything else) then you still have a chance. See below for more events coming up!



‘She Inspires Me’ Conference – Hosted by Women for Women International Warwick (13/3/19, 19:30-21:00)

Sure to be an incredible conference, Women for Women are hosting a free event for anyone and everyone in order for us to hear about the stories of women around the world making incredible contributions every single day. From war survivors to people closer to home, it’s sure to be a moving and inspiring event, highlighting just how amazing women are.


‘The Guilty Feminist: Live!’ – Hosted by The Guilty Feminist Podcast at Warwick Arts Centre (19:30-22:00)


If you’re looking for something to break up all that stress of revision and exams (and fill your time with something thought-provoking and inspiring) then why not plan a trip to the Arts Centre to see the tour of The Guilty Feminist? Comedian Deborah Frances-White and guests will celebrating the achievements of men and women worldwide in their work towards a more equal world, as well as a more sombre discussion on how far left we have to go to live in a world where women are viewed as equals to men. It’s sure to be a great watch and I know I’m keen to be involved!


Have you done anything special to celebrate International Women’s Day 2019? If so, share your pictures and stories so others can get inspired! 


Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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