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International Foundation Programme itself

This academic year the International Foundation Programme consists of five study areas, namely Business and Economics, Mathematics and Economics, Social Sciences, Law, Science and Engineering. The programme has basically a similar structure to A-levels, but the foundation course is believed to be more challenging due to being taught in one year rather than in two.

As my favourite subject was Maths, I decided to study at Mathematics and Economics foundation course to improve my knowledge before bachelor degree. I am so thankful for the teachers who are always ready to explain the topic once again, answer all your questions and give extra tasks to practice. Every Foundation Course includes four subjects, three of which are based on your sphere of interest; the fourth one is Academic skills which includes interesting projects, group work and critical thinking tasks. Everybody is also studying English to get a certificate in the end of the programme, the lessons are mainly focused either on IELTS exam or English for Academic Purposes. The most incredible thing is that our studies are divided into lectures where we explore new topic and seminars where we are practicing and assimilating new information in small groups. Mathematics and Economics course consists of various maths topics as well as economic basis which are completely new for me and most students.

The IFP also organises various activities, events and trips for the student. During the first term, we had Welcome party and are going to have Christmas party the last week of the term. We also went to Warwick castle, Winter Wonderland in Nottingham. Moreover, students usually go to special trips related to their studies. For instance, Law students had a History lesson trip as well as a trip to House of Parliament to watch a session, Engineering students explored airbuses in London Emirates Aviation Experience museum.

Later I’m going to focus on all the courses more in details to give you a full picture of how we study here! If you are now in your final school year, that’s the time to think of further study route. If you are deciding on studying at Warwick IFP, feel free to ask questions about any course you are interested in!

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