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Taking a year abroad or a year in industry is becoming increasingly more common throughout the university, with most courses now offering this as part of your degree. For those of you in second year like me, now is the time to decide on how you’ll spend your third year and what to start looking for! And for those in first year or below this should be a great starting place to get some ideas about the kind of opportunities you want to take during your degree.

Year Abroad…

It’s not just the language department that offers a year abroad anymore; more and more departments are now offering this great opportunity! Whether you fancy working for an international company for the year, or even if you just want to study abroad, now is the time to start researching what’s available to you in other countries. The university holds loads of meetings for the student thinking about the year abroad so make sure you attend at least one (or more if you keep thinking of questions!). Another good way to research your options is to get in touch with students in your department who are currently on their year abroad. But make sure you start exploring your options early to get the best possible outcome!

Year in Industry…

While a year abroad does seem extremely appealing – getting away from England’s gloomy weather is always a good choice – the year abroad isn’t for everyone and you might want to spend your time differently. Like myself, some of you might not want to spend such a long period of time out of the country away from friends and family, but you still want to spend your year doing something different so you can finish your course in fourth year with all of your friends. A year in industry is a great way to spend time out of university whilst also gaining some valuable experience in the ‘real world’. If this is your decision then the first step is to book an appointment with your careers advisor through Warwick MyAdvantage. It’s also always best to get in there early; everyone will be starting to apply a few weeks into term 1 so make sure you start looking as early as possible! (And don’t get disheartened if you get a few rejections, keep trying!)

I hope this gives you a few ideas on how to start looking for placements, or even just gives you a few more ideas on whether you want to do a year abroad or stay in the UK.

Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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