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In the Madness of Term 3

As the title suggests, I am struggling somewhere in between the storm of Term 3. Imagine me as a wooden boat with holes and wind blowing as fast as it can with the sea tide at its worst. I had my final 7 exams scheduled within 15 days. Thankfully, I am done with three but left with four.

As a fresher, my foremost advice for any prospective fresher is to allocate some time for studies over the year. Throughout the year, there will be many seniors who will always demolish any of your good intentions to study, every time they find you in the library or the study spaces. The most common ridicules will consist of:

‘What are you studying for?’

‘Chill, it is first year!’

‘First year doesn’t count mate’

‘haha… You should make the most out of your first year…’

I believed into some of it. This does not work in my suggestion. I am struggling with the workload now as I started studying hardly a month into finals. There aren’t things that are tough mostly, it is just that you show some will to understand them. It is true for most degrees like mine, first year results will not count in your overall results when you graduate. However, the counter argument for all those over the counter phrases of first year doesn’t count are quite strong. Some of the students intend to do work placements or summer internships after their second year. The application processes are almost done by the start of the second year, hence you only have the backing of your first year results while you apply for these internships. Best of luck getting an internship with a 2:2. However, you may as well manage a 2:1 by just studying a month into finals but doesn’t a first add more value? Most of the firms nowadays do not place a great emphasis on University results, although, the biggest secret is that a first will always help. Secondly, it is just not about career prospects, it is about building yourself. During the course of the year you may forget it but we come to the University to ‘study’. Hence, studying for this cause shall help!


With that being said, this blog was more about the gloominess of University. To add more gloom, I haven’t done my dishes for 3 days. My laundry still lies in the bag. Lastly, I just had an exam of one of the toughest modules yesterday on a ‘Saturday’ afternoon in ‘Westwood’.

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