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Important things to do in your last weeks of term

I’m finally free! If you are like me and are lacking some sort of purpose trust me, there are plenty of things to be doing!

Socialise again! This term you’ve probably been pushing off meet ups or simply haven’t spent quality time with your friends because all you guys ever spoke about was how much work you have to do. Now enjoy just relaxing and spending time with each other, there’s plenty of events going on around campus and in Leamington so take the time to enjoy it!

Relax, to be honest socialising seems like such an effort now as well. There’s a pile of books I’ve been meaning to read and albums I need to sit and listen to. Pick up your hobbies again that you had to set aside because that hour of drawing or just playing games was not as important as revision. It’s a good way to keep your mind active but you’re still having at your leisure.

GO HOME! Some of you have been on campus since the easter holidays and you haven’t visited your parents or family and friends back at home. Even if it is just for the weekend change your environment and let your loved ones celebrate with you.

Organise your summer holiday with friends? backpacking? travelling alone? or just staying at home and just enjoying your time there. Work experience? you may not have a placement or an internship, however, gaining some valuable work experience will still give you an insight in the working world and a taste of what you may want to pursue. A week of work can keep you busy and give you something to look forward too. Volunteering? summer time is prime time to enrich your CV. These final years at university are so important because you need a variety of experiences to make yourself a versatile and flexible candidate for your future employers. Having a variety of things on your CV will make you stand out so step out of your comfort zone and focus on developing on your weaknesses.

Things to do with your accommodation, for those living out of campus, make sure you have made a list of things you need to do before you leave: Cleaning, (if you are with Warwick accommodation you should have a list), for others ensure that your house is spotless top to bottom you don’t want a nasty fine or issues with your deposit- don’t forget fridges, the oven and inside the cupboards. Cancel your internet and other utility bills well in advance! You don’t want to be paying for a service you are not using after you have left the house.

For those still in exams, keep going, honestly stay on track put your phone away and make these final days/weeks count! As for the rest of you liberated students, well done for finishing your year! Now make the most of your summer!

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