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I’m back at Warwick!

Hi everyone,

What a creative title eh? Well, I have moved into my new campus accommodation: Tocil. When you study abroad you are guaranteed campus accommodation (at least this was the case during my cohort, note that this may change) which is a big benefit (alongside all the other benefits of actually studying abroad of course). Finding flatmates and even a house from the other side of the world would probably have proved a challenge, especially as most of my friends graduated since they were on a three-year course.

Alternatively, if you know people coming back to Warwick and you don’t want to live on campus, a good option may be to look into Warwick accommodation. You can sign the contract electronically and so don’t need to meet anybody in person. Along with this, Warwick tends to have strict standards so you can rest assured that your home will be well maintained.

Well, that is a bit about why I chose to live in Tocil. So; how am I finding it so far?

Firstly, I was really impressed by the moving in day. Warwick now has these trollies that can be used to unload all your things from your car, and the trolley can be taken right outside your accommodation entrance. SO CONVENIENT! During my first year, we had to carry each item from the carpark to the accommodation which got pretty exhausting pretty quickly.

I chose Tocil because of its close proximity to central campus. I am loving this! Living off-campus was a really enjoyable experience, but I am looking forward to being able to get involved with societies and being a little more spontaneous in my plans since I live a 5-minute walk away. Plus I am a 6-minute walk away from Tesco, and a 30-second walk away from the sports centre so I am hoping to use the swimming pool more often than I did during my second year due to the inconvenience of finding a place to dry my towel, swim costume etc. All in all, Tocil is well located so I would recommend!

This was the first time Warwick has had a “week 0 freshers” aka a whole week of just freshers welcome events, rather than having it combined with academic classes. Despite not being a fresher, I attended the societies fairs to see if there is anything else that I may be interested in. I am thinking of getting involved in world@Warwick and maybe even attend a cheese and chocolate event or two!

I have chosen my modules and classes start tomorrow so for now, I better get preparing – welcome freshers!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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