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I’ll Be Missing You

This term at university I was hit with somewhat of a mental crisis – this is my final year! As this realisation gradually set in, I could feel the icy grip of adulthood slither its way up my back and into my brain – which caused me to do two things: first was to seriously evaluate my entire university experience and the second was a serious amount of washing up.

Graduation brings rather bittersweet emotions for me; on the one hand, Warwick has been one of the best experiences of my life and these past four years have been four of the finest but on the other hand, I feel ready to move on. Getting a taste of the real world on my year abroad really did help to get me excited about life after university. With these two battling sides taking up a major part of my idle thoughts on an everyday basis, I thought I would offer you a glimpse into what I definitely will and won’t miss about this glorious place to which I (will) have dedicated the past 48 months of my life…

Let’s start with what I won’t miss…

– The guilt. Being a student means that you are permanently a student, even when you’re at home. I will be very pleased to wave goodbye to all of those Christmases, Easters and weekends away spent with every other minute dedicated to worrying about my upcoming assignment. You always have work due and you always know that you should be working rather than having fun. Hopefully, in the future, it will be easier to sign off.

– Dealing with student housing. Every year, the same problems arose. Find somewhere to live that isn’t too expensive, isn’t too gross, isn’t too far away. Naturally, the easiest task in the world! Truth be told, I’m not unrealistic; I can accept undertaking this whole process a few times but to have to do it every year is just ridiculous, and I will be glad to have the annual ordeal of finding suitable accommodation and then dealing with an inevitably terrible landlord behind me.

– The interminable gaps between student loan payments. In general, it will just be nice to not be so dependent on a lump sum for a three/four-month period of time. Now, I know that that sounds very underappreciative of a lifestyle where one effectively gets given free money, but we must deal realistically here with the fact that you can’t receive student loan handouts for the rest of your life. With that in mind, I can safely put ‘dragging through to student-loan day’ on my good riddance list.

It is now, with regret, that I must write about three aspects of university that I truly will miss (I assure you, there are hundreds more) …

– The social life. Come on, could I even call myself a student if I didn’t have this on my list? As far as lifestyles go, the student one is up there with one of the most vivacious and man is it fun. I can’t say that I will miss hangovers, overspending in clubs, inevitable drama etc. but most of the best days and nights of my life have been had in the past four years or so and I owe them to my time at university.

– Time off. I don’t know of many jobs (apart from technically teaching) which give their employees two four week and one (probably about) 15-week holiday every year. Being a student means having so much free time outside of term-time and even during it – with around 13 contact hours per week, my course is hardly full-time! Sure, I have to do a fair amount of reading and work outside of classes but that still leaves me plenty of time for myself. Full-time work normally doesn’t include this luxury.

– Student discount. Like most people, I don’t like spending money. Whenever I can I will save a penny or two and being a student helped with this! The number of places that offer student discount is absolutely staggering and you are completely wrong if you think that I am going to stop trying to get it once I have graduated.

Please note that this post is not demonstrative of an ‘under-appreciation’ of a student lifestyle which I believe myself to be very fortunate in having, simply an attempt to convince myself that the world as I know it will not end once I leave. I also understand that I am no doubt lining myself up to be disappointed when the elements of university which I claim will not be missed are replaced by even worse alternatives in the working world. All I can do in the meantime is appreciate the time that I have left here and hope that things play out for the best!

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