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If you end up at Cryfield

I was super sure that I could never share a bathroom with anyone. I had my heart set on an En Suite. I really wanted either Arthur Vick or Claycroft (where you share a bathroom between two, I think). But fate had something else planned. I applied late for a long-winded reason and that too so late that Warwick Accomodation no longer had a reason to give me my first or second or third or fourth choice. I got my fifth – Cryfield.

I was put in a Westwood sharing room first. This was, I understand, due to accommodation problems as a result of which some students were required to share rooms. Obviously I had no choice but to accept this offer but well before I started university, I had been given a place at Cryfield.

So, arriving at Cryfield, I had a look at my room (which actually turned out to be bigger than the one I had seen at another university) and the bathrooms were alright as well. The kitchen was spacious and I never had any problems with storage – food or apparatus 😉

My greatest relief was that my mama liked it and when mum says it’s good, it is good! Narrow corridors means people can’t stand outside your room in groups whilst you’re trying to study and you get that peace and quiet that you want in your room. It also means you can have corridor parties where we often used to form groups discussing just how life is going. It feels literally like having neighbours when you talk to your next-door ones.

When you apply for accommodation, you get to write about your preferences in a box so they can put you in a group that you’d probably get along with. I’m not too sure if this was purely chance or because of a long paragraph I wrote about how I am quiet and like studying most of the time but I got super cool flat mates. I never had any problems with working in my room or with socials or getting along with people. They all understood that I wasn’t perhaps the most lover-of-socials person in the world but I still made some great friends. There is one who I like talking to about the books I read, another is super helpful when I feel unconfident about something or need a dose of motivation, there’s one who literally has the same political opinions as me (ah, those ideal friends!) and then everyone else was always up for banter and oh those praises of my Panjabi food (which never tasted nice).

With regards to the room, I had loads of space for everything (although by the time life hit term 3, I was literally wearing my same pair of jeans everyday). I had my desk right next to the window which is good for a fresh breeze, you get a nice view (Warwick is very green!), even better during all-nighters when you get to see the moon and sunrise and the different colours in the sky and the rain.

With regards to the bathroom, I had developed a preference for a particular bathroom and toilet by mid-term 1 therefore seeing them occupied was a sad sight but otherwise I had never had any problems. There were never queues or anything. Term 1 and 2, I was waking up at like 6:30 so probably one of the earliest. Term 3, I was waking up at like 8am so probably the last one. This probably made it easier for me but no one ever complained about queues or having to wait.

The location of Cryfield is perfect. It was only like a 15 min walk to the library (might be shorter; my bag is usually very heavy), very close to the Arts Centre, the piazza, the Oculus building, Rootes store, the SU building, Rootes learning grid, Curiositea is so close as well (try their Chai!), and many other places for socials that I don’t think I ever visited (you’re allowed to gasp here; I seriously have no social life).

So, I had, as I have described above, a wonderful experience where I learnt how to live with other people in a cooperative manner, made friends, and saved a lot of money. Cryfield is probably one of the cheapest accommodations on campus (I really don’t know; it felt cheap) so overall I had a great time during my first year.

Finally, I just want to say that….I still can’t cook.

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