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If you can’t attend an Open Day

Open Days are a great way to familiarise yourself with the campus and explore student life at the university, but for a lot of people attending an Open Day can be difficult if you live far away or if your schedule doesn’t match the given dates. Not being able to attend an Open Day might leave you feeling a bit nervous about how you’ll fit in at Warwick, so here are some tips to find out all you might want to know before studying here or making any decisions. I personally wasn’t able to attend an Open Day so a lot of these are just what I did to prepare myself for university.

While I didn’t attend an Open Day, I did go on a walking tour of campus the year before making my UCAS choices. I didn’t know what I wanted to study yet, but I had heard a lot about Warwick and many of my teachers had recommended it to me so I thought it was a good place to start. Walking tours aren’t as detailed as Open Days or Offer Holder Days as they aren’t focused on a specific course and I didn’t get to see inside any of the accommodations, but for me the tour was what really made me consider Warwick as a first choice. It was pouring rain during my tour but I still really fell in love with the campus and the general atmosphere of the university. We walked around the main buildings and even peeked into a few lecture halls which was great. The person showing you around is a student so walking tours are a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have and get a student perspective of it all. You can also get lucky and have a student guide who is actually studying the course you are interested in, so you can get information about that specifically too, and not just on the campus. My tour guide was actually a Law student but because I wasn’t even considering Law back then I didn’t really take advantage of that!

If travelling to the university is a problem, then there are still many ways to find out about it without leaving your home. For me, that was mainly through student blogs (which is why I then wanted to become a student blogger) and through YouTube videos of anything connected to Warwick. Student blogs are a great way to get an overview of student life. I recommend reading some blogs from students studying what you are interested in to get some insight on what it is really like and see if that is the kind of thing that would interest you. Reading Law blogs comforted me in my choice to study it because what they mentioned about the course was similar to the reasons I had for picking it. Beyond that, they also contain great advice for university life as a whole and can be particularly handy if you are having to pick accommodations without having been able to visit them.If you want to get an idea of what campus looks like and where everything is, then you can find lots of video tours from students or from Warwick itself, and even just having a look at Google Maps can be helpful for helping you picture where everything is in relation to everything else, and what campus is close to (for example for where you could be living once you leave campus accommodations after your first year).

What I didn’t really do but that I think can give you a good idea of whether or not a course you are considering is one you might like is looking through the Facebook page of your department. I’m not sure that every course has one but for the Law School, there are lots of articles posted there about legal issues and debates, or sometimes just information about fun things going on in the Law School, which can help you understand the scope of what you will be studying or even just help you become more familiar with everything going on.

Hopefully this will help you get to know Warwick better, even if you can’t make it to an Open Day 🙂

Do feel free to leave any questions you might have here!

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