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If I could walk 500 miles (around campus)

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Warwick, despite being in Coventry, is a lot more green than most people may think. For those who have visited campus, you’ve probably seen the fields outside the Oculus, grass patches outside Senate House, and around the various accommodations. It’s been lovely this year spending time revising, relaxing, and working around here, yet recently I discovered a lot more than just these well-known areas.

For example, the woods behind Claycroft fields have several paths – and having gone down one, I found myself in meadows at the edge of Canley. Exploring the paths that way meant finding a new route to my house next year, and also just fun walking and rambling through muddy paths, over and under trees. Exploring is something I really wish I could have done more of this year, but knowing that now still means time for next year!

Not only that, but a path some of the students take is that one to Gibbet Hill. While it may only be the life science students that go down there regularly, a whole host of woodland paths and trails (and even a boardwalk) mean that it’s somewhere students should go to get out of the main campus life of the concrete buildings and head to for a more peaceful time. Tocil Wood, as it is called, is actually a nature reserve so not only is it full of woodland but also a whole group of animals, including many rabbits, geese, ducks and others.

Finally, the lakes around Warwick are the other parts I would highly suggest visiting, behind Bluebell and Jack Martin. You’re able to walk all the way around them, and they provide a very serene time, including benches to sit and watch or read, and grass paths too. Spending time out here in the summer has been lovely, and I can’t wait to see it all covered in frost as we head into the winter next term, as it’s all so beautiful!

Thanks for reading this – hopefully it has changed any minds for those who believed Warwick was very city based. As it’s summer now, I’ll be starting to blog about work here on campus – so talk to you soon!


Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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