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IB Exams done – what to do over the summer?

Hello everyone,   A huge congrats to all those who recently finished their IB exams! Be proud of yourself because regardless of your final score, you’ve made it to the end of a very challenging two years. I still remember how surreal it felt to be done and to have such a long summer ahead. I remember some of our teachers telling us that we would be bored of not working before we knew it. If you’re worried this might be the case for you, here is some inspiration for how you can fill your summer with fun stuff, all the while preparing yourself for university and/or earning some pocket money.   
  • Read
This summer is the perfect opportunity to read those books you’ve always wanted to read, think you should read or need to read as summer preparation for your course. Use the time to supplement your general knowledge (because you want to learn new things, not because someone tells you to). I would recommend reading magazines like the Economist. I personally love the book series A Very Short Introduction, which gives you a brief overview of pretty much any topic. If you are starting law school at Warwick, although there is not required reading for the start of the course, I would highly recommend reading Letters to a Law Student and The Rule of Law by Tom Bingham.   
  • Learn how to cook
At Warwick, all halls are self-catered so unless you want to have take out every night (something I doubt neither body nor your wallet will appreciate), mastering a few recipes before coming to uni is a good idea. Definitely ask your parents for some of their tips but if not, here are the links to a few of my easy and healthy go-to recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner:    – Berry Smoothie BowlCaprese Stuffed AvocadoesCashew Chicken Stir Fry  
  • Health & Fitness
Use the summer to get your body and mind fit for a new adventure! If you have any physical health issues (I really hope you don’t), now is the time to address them, when you still have easy access to your home doctors etc. Use the time to work on your mental health as well. Try out some different techniques (yoga, boxing, meditation, journaling) for dealing with stress, anxiety, insomnia or anything else, so you hopefully won’t have to worry about it as much when you’ll be in a new environment, with lots of other things to think about.   
  • Summer Job
You might already have some kind of internship or work experience lined up, which is a great opportunity! If you don’t, you still have time to find a summer job, not only to earn some pocket money but to gain valuable work experience and transferable skills. Volunteering opportunities are also great! Try local shops and cafes, sports camps for children, tutoring or approach any start-up companies you might be looking for some extra help.   
  • Invest time in something you couldn’t during the IB


I personally always have so many things I would like to do but never seem to have the time for. If this sounds like you, use this summer to dedicate some time to something you’ve always wanted to get more involved in. For me, it was photography. For you, it might be visual arts,   passing your driving license, qualifying as a personal trainer, learning how to code or travel. Whatever it is, this summer is the perfect opportunity to start a project – who knows, you might be able to join a society related to your interest at Warwick.   
  • Relax
Most importantly, use this summer to relax. You deserve it! Have fun with your friends and family and take care of yourself. Without necessarily realising it, the IB journey can be a tough one and your mind and body will definitely need a break before taking on the next exciting challenge in your life!    Once again, well done on finishing your exams – now enjoy the summer! As always, feel free to send me a message if I can answer any questions you might have. I would be more than happy to! 

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