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IATL – what is it?

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Hey everyone! Today I thought I’d talk about the IATL department and module choice at Warwick, one of which I’m taking this term.


IATL is the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning, and is one of the main departments for interdisciplinary learning (aside from GSD, of course!). It supports both study and research across and within a range of disciplines. I have personally mainly been in contact with the teaching side of this – the module running this term called ‘Genetics and Society’ is based in IATL. This is not the only module though – ranging from ‘Shakespeare and Law’ to ‘ The Science of Music’, they cover a large spectrum that everyone will be interested in! 


I’ve found my experience of IATL to be both enriching and engaging beyond what I could have thought. The module has brought together experts across Warwick from different departments to offer a cohesive look at genetics in different contexts. So far we have heard from the Medical School, History, and Philsophy departments although there are still some exciting ones to come! The assessments look to be interesting and fun – an assessed writing piece and a ‘student devised assessment’. The SDA is assessed through the creation of a piece of the students choosing, whether art, podcasts, or an essay piece. There are online showings and displays of the work after submission, and being able to explore past pieces on the IATL website has been both educational and inspiring. 


 As IATL attracts students from across the university, it has become a way to engage in learning with peers as well as from the lecturers – as each person has their own speciality that can help educate others. My class has students from life sciences, psychology, maths, and GSD too. This is something that I’ve come to value more and more as I’ve progressed through the university – everyone has their own learning style and being able to break out of the box set by your degree has held a lot more value and worth than I had expected. I can’t recommend an IATL module enough – no matter what your interests are! It isn’t just undergraduate students who are able to experience an IATL module either – postgrads have options to take a variety of courses from “The Medical Mind” to “Humanitarian Law”.


Overall, if you are looking for a module to choose whilst at Warwick and you want to break away from your department a little, IATL is one of the best places to look for a worthwhile course to take – the opportunity is one to not pass up!

A photo from some of the content we were discussing in a recent seminar around the history of genetics in politics and society! 

Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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