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I went for a careers meeting and this is how it changed my whole perspective

This is my careers journey so far and how I managed to finally make the break through with the help of the University: 


When I was in secondary school I went to my careers guidance officer and asked for help because I didn’t know whether to pursue my dream of being a vet (despite being awful at science and maths), or whether to take a leap of faith and follow a more creative route because I love to write. The response I got was extremely unhelpful, they focused on the ‘real job’ of being a vet and gave no attention to the other avenue despite it being more realistic given my strong English grades. I had another go at seeking help in sixth form and asked about academic careers and doing a PhD, to which I got the reply “I don’t really know about that.” 

I arrived at university completely confused about possible options and with my head filled with the warnings I’d got from others that philosophy was a dying subject and would lead me nowhere. Within 3 weeks I had booked another careers appointment over email which was really easy, and I was told the appointment would be with Stephanie who I had met on fresher’s week and seemed very engaged. I arrived for my half an hour slot and was welcomed in immediately despite being early.  

This appointment really changed the way I saw my career journey and threw all the other bad experiences I had to the side! Instead of trying to focus on jobs I’d heard of Stephanie listened to the things I enjoyed doing, what I was skilled at and tried to find something that I’d feel fulfilled doing. From my very vague ideas about wanting to do something creative and not wanting to work for a big business she gleaned that perhaps working in the ‘Not for Profit’ sector would be right for me. We went on to look at more specific jobs that might appeal to my creative side like advertising and running social media which seemed perfect.  

I left the appointment wondering how I’d never thought of this before! 

I was also given the tools to continue my search with written notes on our meeting, quizzes that would show me how much my personality would suit certain careers and website links to investigate internships.  

From there I went to a not for profit careers event where I learnt lots about how individuals found their way into this sector which was extremely useful and I would definitely advise you attend a careers fair even if it’s for something you’re not sure about. If you check myadvantage every so often these opportunities come up. I also found that this job worked well as work experience and sought another, ‘student engagement agent’ for the university which gives me chance to develop skills in social media, focus groups and sharing innovative ideas that will look great on my CV.  


So, from one small meeting came enthusiasm and positivity towards my future career path which I had never previously been able to find. Careers appointments are still running virtually so you can book yours today! I hope this proves for those students worried about not being able to find a job because of their degree, that there are so many out there you might not even have heard of. You just need to take the steps to find out! 



P.S here’s a link to the careers blog https://careersblog.warwick.ac.uk/

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