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I Messed Up My Open Day At Warwick (but it was fine)

The two Warwick summer open days are over and I’m sure there are many people out there who remembered to visit all the accommodations, have a tour of the campus and speak to the lecturers about their course with a list of carefully prepared questions. But I’m equally sure that there are people out there feeling like they maybe didn’t make the most out of their open day, and worrying about which universities to put on their applications. This was me, back during my own application season.

Everything that could have gone wrong on my Warwick open day, did go wrong. I booked tickets to Warwick instead of Coventry, mistakenly assuming that the University of Warwick would be in Warwick (it’s not). I went to my friend’s 18 birthday party the night before and consequently had what was possibly the worst hangover of my life. I missed the train I had intended to catch and ended up on the slow train, which took over two hours to get to Coventry.

Once I was at the uni itself, I never even the psychology department – I assumed it was in the life sciences department, located in Gibbet Hill, which is the first and only time I have ever visited that far off part of campus (the psych department is in the Humanities building, for anyone wondering). I manage to go to the talk about the psychology course that was given in the afternoon; I could not for the life of me tell you what they said. I didn’t even go and see any accommodation.

You’re probably reading this and thinking a) what an absolute idiot, and b) why did you then apply to Warwick and end up going? My answer – and I am honestly a little embarrassed to say this – is that I liked the vibe.

Even though I was hungover and tired and grouchy, I still got a good feeling about the university when I was walking around it. I saw the piazza, I saw Gibbet Hill, I saw the Arts Centre. It was a grey, sullen day and I was in a foul mood and I thought hey if I like it , I am going to love it when I actually get here and I’m not feeling so awful!

I do think that choosing a University is mostly a gut feeling. You can put all the research in and write up a pros and cons list and whatever, but if you turn up and you hate the place on sight, don’t go just because you think that you should. I went with my gut about Warwick and I ended up having a fantastic first year with some great people at a Uni I really enjoy. At the end of the day, whichever university you end up going to, you’re most likely going to have an amazing time. (I know how trite that sounds, but it’s honestly true.)

So, if, like me, you came back from the open day with no valuable notes, no decision made, and a bit of a headache, don’t stress. If you really want to, you can go to another open day later in the year. There are applicants days once the application process is over, also. While I’m not suggesting or encouraging that you go to an open day with the intention of not taking it seriously, if it all goes wrong on the day, don’t worry. It’s all going to be OK.

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