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I left my laptop in the street and my chargers got run over!

Today is a story time sort of blog.

I have been known to do pretty clumsy things in the past and being blonde I’m lucky to have an excuse. But yesterday was by far the most blonde and quite frankly stupid thing I think I have ever done.

So it started with me packing up my room with my Boyfriend on Saturday. We had parked the car out the back of the house and I had finished my 3 out of 4 exams that morning. I have come home to study for my final one. I live in Southampton, and of course study at Warwick University. So it’s a 2.5 hour care journey there and a 2.5 hour journey back.

Anyway, we were packing up my room and boxing everything up. We had put the seats in the car down and we were going to fill it. I had left my phone charger, my laptop charger and my laptop on my bed. A few months ago my ruck sack broke, I ordered a new one and then realised my laptop didn’t fit in it- rooky mistake. But I loved the rucksack so I just decided I would hold my laptop wherever I go… silly but true, it was a nice rucksack. I always joke about how awful it would be to lose my laptop, especially as I carry it in my arms all the time. And on Saturday I did. Unknowingly. I cannot express how important my laptop is to me- and how important it is to back it up- I could have lost SO much. Including my notes for my exam on Monday. Even thinking about it gives me butterflies.

This is what I remember: we had packed everything else but the laptop, two chargers and all my makeup. This sounds so petty, but I really didn’t want my makeup squished under all my other belongings so I had left it to the end. With the laptop. I took the makeup box, my Boyfriend took the laptop and chargers. Then we headed to the car, opened the boot and put the stuff in. We then drove away and were done.

This is what I think must have happened: my Boyfriend put the laptop up against the fence, and opened the boot for me to put my make up in. We then checked everything in the car, making sure it was secure. Didn’t pick up the laptop and drove off. I personally think we are equally to blame for this- as it’s my laptop, it’s my responsibility. But he did leave it up against the fence- obviously not on purpose.

Sometimes I get messages, sort of round robin ones about phones that might have been left in night clubs, or lost ID. I got a message from somebody on Saturday about a missing laptop. I ignored it. because I was convinced that mine was in my home. Which it wasn’t. Sunday morning I still hadn’t realised, had a normal day until the afternoon when I got a text from my Boyfriend saying ‘CALL ME NOW’, having looked at my phone I also realised my flatmate had told me my laptop had been returned to the house. But parts were broken. Honestly, I freaked out. I was looking everywhere for my laptop, still convinced it was in my room. Post-melt-down, I called my Boyfriend who explained that some random guy had contacted him, trying to find me and my Boyfriend had given the address. I was SO lucky. It could have been stolen or even rained on over night. So Mum and I hopped into the car and did the 5 hour round trip all over again. I am super lucky my Mum came with me, that people are honest, that my Flat Mate answered the door (as sometimes they don’t!) and that the power of Facebook returned the laptop to me.

I am not remotely upset about my laptop charger of phone charger being smashed up. Because I have my laptop. I am however perplexed.

The laptop was found in the middle of the road. Not behind my house. Which confuses me still- I did wonder if someone had taken it, tried to get into it, but of course didn’t know the password and then ditched it. Hence why the plugs were run over. I have no idea. The laptop was in a little foam case so had not sturdy protection.

I’m just mega grateful.

Lessons learnt: always double check where your laptop is. Get a better case for your laptop. BACK THE LAPTOP UP.

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