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I Had An Emotional Breakdown

For many of you current Warwick students or A Level prospective students, the stress of exams is most likely slowing kicking in. For any of you who are like me, and in the final year of your undergraduate degree, you’re probably juggling the stress of exam revision, your dissertation and essays/assignments. When they say that the university workload is intense, they’re not joking! I don’t think I’ve ever had such a high workload to deal with, and even though I’ve been working in the library every day since the beginning of Easter, I still have a ton of work to do and I feel really behind. SO if any of you feel alone with your stress, just remember that there are others who feel the same and we’re all in the same boat. The best thing you can do is to keep pushing through, stay motivated and keep committed to those library shifts. All the hard work will pay off in the end! Also, the pressure of getting a 2:1 can feel scary too, but if you use online grade calculators then that might make you feel a bit better if you calculate what you need to get this year for a 2:1. I’ve kind of given up on the dream of getting a 1 haha, but a 2:1 is the normal requirement for most graduate jobs (including the one that I have secured for September) so it will do!


I’ve had a couple stressful days this exam period, but never in my life have I had a full emotional breakdown. However last week we all received our final exam timetable and I was really shocked to find out that one of my exams which I expected to my last one, is now my first exam… and I haven’t started revising for it (cries). I was in the library when I found out and I got super overwhelmed because the exam is now in 2 weeks and my dissertation is due in 1 week, so all I could think was that it will be impossible to do well in the exam. I then literally went to the library toilet and cried LOL, and fully broke down.


If you have moments like this it can feel horrible in the moment, but if you have positive support around you then it can make a really big difference. Once you recover from the breakdown as well, try your best to think positive and use all your stress as motivation to work. Also, take time out to relieve your stress and distract yourself, because sometimes your brain needs a break. In the Psychology department, they had a doggy de-stress day where we could go to pet dogs. It might seem simple but it was actually really effective at making me happy – they do these dog days across campus (e.g. the library) so I highly recommend you check it out! Also, I took Sunday completely off to see some friends and forget about work for one day. It can get seriously draining working 10-12 hours at the library every single day so don’t feel guilty about having a day off – I felt guilty about it first but then realised that it would essentially benefit my revision.

I hope this post is helpful for any of you feeling overwhelmed with stress, we’re all in this together and freedom is near people! 🙂

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