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Well here I am, all dressed up and ready for my last day as a Warwick undergraduate. If I’m 100% honest, I was so scared of falling over (luckily there was a ramp)! I barely slept the night before and was up at 6 am getting ready for one of the greatest days of my life. There were lots of lovely photos taken with friends and family, of course, the obligatory photo in front of the giant Warwick sign.

Anyway, enough about graduation day, when I was sat in the chairs listening to all of the speeches it really makes you reflect on your time at Warwick. But most importantly, the ceremony stresses how Warwick is just one step in the ladder of success- with that ladder you can either propel yourself further or help others to achieve.

I haven’t stayed in the Life Sciences field, in fact, I don’t know many people who have. This is my biggest lesson from University- your degree doesn’t define what you can do it merely opens doors. I’m entering the financial services sector and training to be a chartered accountant, another friend is joining the banking world, and only one of my friends has chosen to stay within Biology and complete a masters. Any science subject can open doors in hundreds of areas, in fact, I had a job offer in operations as well (usually part of a business degree). This is because STEM subjects teach large data set handling, critical analysis, even how to remember very detailed facts and much more transferable skills. So, my degree didn’t define what I do.

Another major element of my degree was the sheer amount of teamwork required, yes even though labs are submitted by you, lots of people input. It could be a proof-reader or maybe an individual helping you in your lab but there will always be someone. That person could even be you! I’ve learnt to always offer help to people if I’ve finished or had enough time because everyone has skills in different area and chances are you to will need help at some point.

So, my degree is over and the University of Warwick chapter is closed. It’s a very bittersweet moment but it’s also exciting that my career progression has begun in the professional world. I hope that I will follow the Chancellors advice and help other people up the ladder as others have helped me throughout my degree. Well, this is my last post but maybe I’ll see you climbing the ladder with me.

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