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I Got My Final Degree Result!

I recently got back from my family summer holiday to Dubai (literally yesterday) and it was a great way to relax and switch off since the end of my exams. It was especially good to use it as a way to celebrate my exam results, which I’m so happy to say that I achieved the 2.1 that I needed for my future graduate job! It was such a huge relief – I was on campus on results day and it was SO nerve-wracking, I wasn’t able to eat all day and I anxiously waited for the department email that allowed me to access my degree classification. Once I received the email and I was so relieved to find out that I got a 2.1, I went to my tutor to receive the breakdown of my individual marks for exams and dissertation. To carry on the day, me and my friends went to a pub in Leamington and couldn’t contain our smiles because we all achieved what we had hoped for.

If you are wondering why I wasn’t aiming to achieve a 1, the reason is that I achieved a 2.1 in my 2 year and based on my coursework during my 3 year, it felt like too much of a stretch to achieve a 1 overall. However, I was never pushing myself to achieve a 1 when I came to university and my graduate job only required a 2.1, therefore that was my aim. Also, I knew that I would feel so proud for achieving a 2.1 from the University of Warwick, since it is a highly prestigious university and there were aspects of my degree that I found really challenging.

My graduation is TOMORROW so I will write an entire blog post about that, which will also be my last ever blog post (cries with heartbreak). After 3 years of blogging for Warwick, it’s going to feel really weird for it all to come to an end. However, I will save all of that for my graduation blog post.

My trip to Dubai was perfect since I was able to relax as well as have some mini adventures. The best places I visited were the Burj Al Arab and the desert – which I explored on a safari. I’ll insert some pictures below! It will definitely be a trip that I’ll remember and it’s also given me a great golden tan just in time for graduation. Look out for my next post to see all my graduation pictures and to read my final goodbye!






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