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I finished my studies in Australia!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are doing well! Last Friday marked the last day of my classes in Australia, which also, marks my last month sadly. I honestly can’t believe how incredibly fast the year has gone, it has been exciting, challenging and even emotional.

I have really enjoyed my semester 2 classes, I have learnt a lot about Indigenous culture, something that I knew very little about (if anything at all) prior to coming to Australia. For anybody going on exchange either to Australia or anywhere else, one of the best advice I can give is to study modules that you would otherwise not even consider taking. This will give you the opportunity to gain a different perspective and also force you to be more critical about issues around the world. Additionally, I have met so many people through attending my lectures and seminars. Sometimes playing pool until 5 AM may cause difficulty attending a 9 AM lecture, however, it is called a study abroad for a reason! However challenging finding the motivation may be, I am confident that I have made the most out of my semester, and whilst there are things I would do differently knowing then what I know now, I am content with my overall experience.

Side note: Exploring Contemporary Australia is a really interesting unit that I would recommend to any exchange or international student. It helped provide me with an appreciation for Australian culture, especially AFL (Australian Football League) which I have found myself following whilst here.

Any difficulty waking up for my lectures don’t matter anymore (at least for another few months) since I have finished my classes in Australia! I have a few more assessments due before I can truly enter celebration mode, although something tells me that the celebrations will be overridden with sadness since the hall’s community here has truly become my home away from home. I have spent a lot of time with my friends, whether that be going out for short walks, or playing table tennis.

It was also my 21st birthday on Monday, and I had an incredible day spending time with some of my closest friends here. For some, it was also the last time we will be seeing each other for a long time. Never has “see you soon” been so difficult! I did an escape room for the first time, and we just about managed to escape with about a second to spare. In the evening, I went bowling, which was a great way to spend an evening whilst socialising. I had a truly incredible 21st birthday and that is down to all my friends which I couldn’t be more grateful for!

During the little time that I have left here, I want to explore more of Victoria. There are still things that I want to see and do on my list so my attention is now on exploring rather than studies! More importantly, though, I want to spend time with friends that I have made. Oh, have I mentioned yet that I will miss them so much?!

For now, here are some recent photos taken over the last few weeks:










Shanita 🙂 xo

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