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I finished my exams!

My first blog post of this academic year did not fail to discuss my concerns regarding third year exams. I had my exams for the year in week 9 and 10 of term 2 and finished them all today. The latter five weeks of term 2 have been a very stressful period and I really did struggle a lot ranging from self-doubts to full-on breakdowns. 

But there were some good things that happened this term as well and now that the memories are fresh in my mind, I thought I should document some of the warmest moments that I experienced at some of the toughest times. 

I went to two Creative Chill-out sessions in the library. I cannot express in words how relaxing the sessions were. I was able to for once forget about my work and focus on just colouring and it was more beneficial than it may first appear to someone. I still have both of my unfinished sheets from the day and I hope to go back some time next term to finish them off. 

I discovered new study spaces and new ways of taking breaks. This year I have not actually been visiting the library that much. I have been to the library a lot but not as much as I did in previous years. I went to revise at University House the other day and it was quite nice. I have also been studying in my room and surprisingly a lot in the kitchen. I almost felt like I was hijacking the kitchen at home but next term all my flatmates will be having exams and they can have all the kitchen space they fancy. I have also been making use of the garden to have my frequent breaks. The singing of birds is so under-rated as well as the sensations of touching a tree trunk. Walks in the garden have been super therapeutic and the weather has been really nice as well. 

Because my flatmate is on the exec, I went to the Warwick Women’s Engineering Society’s launch event. This was actually on International Women’s Day and I found it such a positive way of enjoying my evening. It was a great environment and I met some lovely people and I do really hope to get involved with the society next term. 

To finish off, enjoy your break! (and get some work done)

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