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I didn’t meet my offer, HELP!

I suppose I had better disclose a teeny secret, well listen close! Warwick was my insurance. I was 2 marks away from going to Oxford and honestly those are the best marks I have lost in my life. I love being here at Warwick and all I hear of is Oxbridge horror stories.

I know most people take the view of "but it’s Oxford" and despite the cliches that I never would have met the people who make my life so wonderful everyday, I do have other reasons:

  • Sport. Real big one for me. I can only be described as a netballer/gym rat. But I wouldn’t have had time for this at Oxford with the 2/3 essays to be submitted every week and then there’s labs.
  • Lecturers. This one is based off of my tutor. He hated the lecturers at Oxford and my friend has a similar experience with Imperial, she just can’t approach them. At Warwick we are super lucky to have a supportive faculty (I must’ve taken up at least a week of arguably the best lecturer in life sciences time, Spooner)
  • Leamington. Soooooo much cheaper than Oxford. My cousin used to be based in Oxford and then moved to the midlands and her one piece of advice for spending in Oxford is don’t. She was definitley exaggerating but it is much the same story as London but without the extra loan.
  • Oxford has 3 x 8 week terms which sounds like heaven! But I like how Warwick spreads the work over 10 weeks so I at least have some hair left on my head

Even if you don’t make your insurance, Warwick offers lots of clearing places too!

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