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I can’t find the Zoom link! Virtual Societies.

If you’re struggling to find virtual society events to join, then this post is for you. I’ll briefly walk you through my perspective of online events having been involved in the Warwick Finance Societies and Warwick Debating Society. This should hopefully open your mind up to some of the many opportunities available in lockdown #2. Also, I’ll include some tips on making the most out of these events.

Warwick Debating SocietyWith weekly debating sessions on Wednesday and Friday, as well as upcoming competitions you can participate and help at, I cannot recommend the debating society enough. Although I am biased being in the society, I truly believe that engaging in online debates within Warwick and across universities through competitions is one of the best ways to build new friendships and move outside your comfort zone.

You don’t need to be of any skill level to join the weekly sessions and there are many competitions for ‘novices’, so this is a great chance to boost an invaluable skillset that will build your confidence and ability to articulate your thoughts under pressure.

Microsoft Teams and Zoom are great, but these debating sessions are usually done through Discord which is a brilliant platform to send messages and debate (or even play online games) all in one.

Warwick Finance SocietiesAll the information below can be found out on the Warwick Finance Societies Facebook page if you are interested. Here are some of the events I’ve enjoyed attending:

  • Markets Discussion every Friday at 5pm where you can get your commercial awareness up to scratch.
  • Investment Banking Discussions; the first of which have been about supporting students with spring week applications. More will come including commercial awareness and technical-related sessions.
  • CV & Cover Letter Clinics – great for connecting with second- and third-year students, plus getting a second perspective on your CV.
  • Step into Fintech – we’ve had many current entrepreneurs that were once Warwick students, so Fintech is an exciting area of growth that you might consider moving into.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg and is to hopefully encourage you that there are many events which you can get connected to so as to boost your network and build relationships with people thinking about a similar career path to yourself.


  • Turn on your camera. When you turn the camera on, it encourages your mind to focus on the event and not get distracted by your phone or what’s going on outside… or to changing out of your pyjamas. Whether it is a seminar, panel event or debate, keeping your camera on will make the event more meaningful to you and might even encourage others to do the same.
  • Ask questions. When you ask questions during a talk, it engages your mind to the next level. When listening to a presentation, try and actively think of questions to ask at the end e.g. 1 question for slide and you’ll have a great selection to pick from at the end.
  • Ask for a follow-up call. If you want to learn more from someone you heard via a webinar or virtual event, but didn’t get the chance to ask your question, send them a message asking to arrange a 10-minute call. This encourages mentorship and you can gain so much knowledge from learning from people that inspire you.

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