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How’s exam season going?

It is going good in terms of the library. The Space Hog thing by the library is actually working. I went away from my seat for a while and found a note on my desk upon return as well. This actually made me happy to be honest because I like to see policies being enforced (thank you, my economics module). This does mean that you can find a seat in the library although aim to be there early like 9am if you want this process to be smooth and not time-consuming.

I am getting my sleep. I swear ever since I wrote my blog about all-nighters, I have not been able to pull a single all-nighter. I suppose blogging really does have an effect because it enables you to reflect upon things. The point however is that I am definitely getting my sleep but last week was stress to the point that I was sleeping for like 12 hours every day because I was exhausted – read on to find out how I’ve fixed this!

I like to cook to relax. I say this but I barely cook. However, I am someone who likes to not do much other than the bare minimum outside revision therefore this is a big investment of my time and I find it quite soothing. Kitchen also serves as the place where I catch up with my housemates because otherwise I am either shut up in my room or away on campus all day.

Meeting up with mates – can you believe it? I met up with two people from the Bhangra society because they’ll be graduating this year so I thought why not. And then it was my friend’s birthday so I went to Bar Fusion for an hour to spend time with mates. It was all such a stress reliever and it’s so easy to isolate yourself in term 3 but only when you meet up with people do you realise what a support network you have at Warwick and sharing your concerns and worries and just learning that we’re all on the same boat makes such a huge difference!! I feel even more proud because I don’t usually hang out and often just say I’m busy but despite the fact that this term is stressful, I am taking time out to meet people and not only is this new and exciting but is actually helping me a lot this term.

Discussing with friends is super helpful. There is literally no point discussing with mates how much revision you need to get done (unless if you’ve both done nothing)  because you’ll probably get more stressed but I do openly go to my mates when I’m stressed and it’s amazing how much having a 5-minute conversation with someone can help. I also got in touch with another blogger on here and have received helpful advice and we’ll be meeting up next week! I went to a ‘Confidence and Initiative’ session this term and one thing that came up was how we love to help but also find ourselves most reluctant to ask for it. Therefore, please if you’re struggling, reach out!! You’ll be amazed at the response (and feel free to contact me too; I’m stressed as well but that’s probably why I’ll understand you as well haha). I also think that it takes a lot more courage to reach out for help than to put on a brave face that you’re doing fine and everything is OK. Do not let things or yourself fall apart this exam season. As soon as the panic hits, take a few minutes out to talk to yourself and to others and tackle it before it wastes your time.

Have a plan, or don’t have one? This was another thing mentioned by the blogger. I am a lover of planning everything. I literally had a spreadsheet with the total number of lectures I need to go over and used this ‘TODAY()’ thing on Excel to set a countdown  to 25th May and then had this formula so that it divided the number of lectures I need to cover by the number of days I have left LOL. I was dying to see that I need to cover 5 lectures a day to be able to cover the syllabus by this time which was impossible seeing I couldn’t do that many lectures and make notes on them all on the same day. I have deleted the Excel spreadsheet now and just set myself daily targets that are more realistic and the fact that they are achieveable means that I am finding myself less stressed and getting more work done. This may not play out well in the end but I’d rather spend quality time revising few topics than try to rush it all just so I can tick a box to say I’m going by the numbers. 

Finally, lectures! I missed my lectures for a whole week this term and sitting in the library all day felt like a punishment. I do find that I cannot sit in the same place for too long therefore having lectures helps encourage that movement around campus and I like switching between topics as well therefore this is hopefully going to be productive. I went to all my lectures this week and now they have ended. I have an exams talk next week where the department explains the whole exams procedure (and this is also when things begin to feel real) and then have one tutorial left! Revision sessions are coming up as well and I found them useful last year therefore will be attending them all!

Time to get back to revision and I honestly await the day when I too can writing concise blog posts rather than essays.

Good luck with revision and please remember to reach out to people if / when you struggle! xx

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