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How was my A level results day?

I had a somewhat straightforward results day. Here is a little account of what it was like:

I woke up frightened. Got ready to get my results from my sixth form and before leaving, I checked UCAS. I discovered I had been accepted at Warwick however not for the MChem but the BSc. This meant that I should have achieved AAB. I reached school and discovered I got BBB (that later changed to ABB, but in September). You can imagine the shock. I think it must have been my EPQ that saved me but I came home and called up Warwick to re-confirm my place in case there was a technical fault – there wasn’t. Fast forward one academic year – I am writing this post.

So, I just about made it to Warwick. This also means that I probably don’t have any valuable advice to share with you all about how to handle different outcomes. It is the month of August and I can imagine A level students super worried about results and panicking about their future. I remember tweeting things like "three alphabets judging two years’ worth of hard-work" where it might now sound lame but at the time, it seemed as if indeed my whole life depended upon my results.

I won’t tell you not to worry because I know it is easier said than done. I definitely didn’t appreciate being told to relax in August 2016 when I was expecting my results (which determined how well I celebrated my birthday later that month). The only thing I would however say is to stay strong. Don’t lose hope so much that opportunities available to you slip away because you weren’t strong enough to grab them.

I would highly encourage you to read the other student blogs about how to handle different outcomes on results day and just make sure to be mentally prepared on results day to take control of your future and make quick decisions. These might be tough decisions but remember adding a year or two to your journey does not mean that you will never reach your destination. Keep that love for your subject alive and never doubt your potential because of results. Read this post by my Bhangra friend to best understand why things don’t always work out even if you try your best and just keep going.

If you get your places, great. Don’t think about it too much if you’re going to your insurance rather than your firm. You’ve earned your place at university. Just grab the results and begin to plan your next steps on how you’re going to make the most of your time at university.

If things don’t work out, there is plenty of advice on other student blogs and the UCAS website. I only want to say that it is normal to think about results day. You are allowed to worry but only so much that it makes you want to take action rather than hold you back from doing what you ought to. Plan ahead as much as you can although it might all turn out to be just fine (which would be nice).

By the way, my friend Shaumica helped out with clearing for Warwick last year so if you have any questions, head over to her student blog here and ask her!

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