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How Warwick sets you up for a future career

Worried about career prospects amidst the COVID-19 uncertainty? Well, as an Undergraduate at Warwick, the University has got you covered, and here is why:

An unrivalled support network:

Being a fresher representative in the Warwick Finance Societies has given me an insight into a unique quality of Warwick University. I’m talking about the generosity and mentorship from students in higher years. This positive cycle of giving is a legacy of the University that will continue for years to come. Undertaking applications for work experience and internships can be a daunting and isolating task. That’s why being able to co-organise the “No Spring No Problem” event and hearing advice from five panellists was a highlight of my first year at the University. From CV Clinics to coffee meet-ups with other students, achieving application success is made that much more possible.

Being able to relate to others that have gone through what more undergraduate generations will go through is a major factor that will help maximise your chances of application success.

Opportunities to network:

Before moving away from WFS, here is an insight into the unique networking opportunities I found available through the society. One such event was the Fintech Conference held at the Shard, where we were driven by coach to meet and listen to people from one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. We heard from entrepreneurs that had moved from the corporate world, plus corporate employees that had been entrepreneurs now working in large banks and competing against challenger ones like Monzo. Also, hearing from the founder of the first FCA approved blockchain technology and a fund manager of a Fintech private equity fund was inspiring.

Then, a couple of weeks later, we got to attend a Buy-Side event, also held at the Shard, where we got to meet Warwick alumni and senior employees working in hedge funds, private equity firms and even a special-situations group. Once again, our horizons were expanded as we could hear about the wide-ranging opportunities beyond what is typically assumed for a career in finance.

An exceptional careers support team:

Finally, it is the unparalleled careers team that has got you covered. During term one, I had my first face-to-face interview and inevitably, I was nervous. So I contacted the Economics careers advisor Stephanie Redding and within minutes, I had a mock-interview scheduled. I felt incredibly lucky as she had prepared an array of interview questions and gave me the advice I needed. This meant I could calm nerves for the interview and target preparation to tackle my weaknesses. As well as that, meeting with Stephanie allowed me to step back and think of contingencies like deciding to book an earlier ticket to leave a two-hour buffer in case the train was delayed. This was my first application success and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support offered by the careers team and undergraduate mentors.

Moreover, during these times of uncertainty, meeting virtually with Stephanie via Microsoft Teams and hearing about available virtual internship opportunities is why I feel so lucky to have their support.

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