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How to win in everything

In life you are either making a profit or a loss, you put in 100% you expect 100% back. You want results for the efforts you have put in for the results you are working for…right? WRONG! You will always gain in any situation, it’s all about having the correct positive attitude.

Recently, I have received devastating news and I took the time to obviously absorb the information and let my emotions get the better of me- not the best way to deal with things but at the end of the day, I am only human. But as a human, I then have the ability to take responsibility and make a difference instead of sitting here feeling sorry for myself, or dwelling on this for eternity. Everything comes with a learning point, you will always come out of a situation with a different viewpoint of the world. It’s your responsibility to not be ignorant to these opportunities and make a difference for yourself. You want to be happy, you need to think happy and work to understand how it is that you are going to be happy.

Take the time to reflect and come to build your self-awareness so you can connect with yourself and control every situation. 99% of life is simply you reacting to situations, you have control of every step. Have faith in your abilities and accept that sometimes things will not work out how you plan them BUT! that does not mean that you have failed, purely means that this is just not your time. That is life, unfortunately, and there is nothing we can do about it. Although, what we can do is see the positive, learn why you didn’t get to where you want to be, use it as energy to keep fighting and to work harder. Those who doubt you in life, work hard to prove them wrong. Those who try their best to prevent you from reaching your dreams, find a different way to succeed, there is always more than one path to your destination, you need to find the one you belong on.

Keep working hard and don’t give up, you’ve got this far already.

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