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How to visit campus without visiting campus | The power of the internet

If being unable to physcially visit your future university before freshers is just yet another boon of this global pandemic, or, if you’re an international student (like I am) and visiting wasn’t an option anyway, this blog post is just for you!

While picking a university to firm or even apply to, many before you will tell you that the reason they chose a particular university was because when they set foot on campus, ‘it just felt right’. But, how do you replicate this when, for whatever reason, you can’t visit campus?

The good news is, considering the pandemic, the resources availabe to you to e-visit campus have just expanded! So, allow me to share with you some of the ways you can feel the campus vibe without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

  • Student Blogs/Vlogs: Considering you’re reading this post, you’ve probably already stumbled across the treasure chest of experiences that the OurWarwick platform is host to. But, if you’re reading this as a stand alone post, be sure to check out all the other posts shared by my colleagues and I on various student life topics from our typical daily routine on campus to the nightlife at Warwick.
  • 360º Virtual Campus Tour: The University has recently captured some drone footage of the main areas of campus and made it available online! They have also included videos of current students talking about particular buildings or areas of campus. This really allows you to feel like you’re on a live campus tour! Please use this link to access the tour: (Please remember that this footage was shot during lockdown and so, campus is pretty much empty. Trust me, the Warwick campus otherwise is always hustling and bustling away!)
  • Halls of Residence videos: Can’t wait to move into your own dorm room and begin independent living? Already got your Pinterest board of aesthetic dorm rooms ready? No? Just me? Okay. Regardless, if you want to get the best idea of what your accommodation is going to look like, do check out this YouTube playlist (
    ) with beautifully shot footage of all the on campus halls of residence.
  • Current students: Shoot any of us student bloggers a message and we’d be more than happy to respond to any of your queries about campus and give you a better feel of it.
  • Societies: Scroll through Instagram/Facebook pages of top societies you wish to join. Their past events should give you an idea of the kind of events that are hosted on campus and what you would engage with in your day.

I hope doing the above helps you feel more acquainted to campus so that when you actually move in, it’ll immediately feel like you know your way around campus.

Regardless, if you’re ever feeling lost or would like some help once you’re here, there’s plenty of support available through formal channels (Wellbeing Support) as well as informal channels (Student community!).

I hope to see you all on campus very soon!

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