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How to use the Easter holidays wisely

Warwick finished its second semester on 16th March and I’ve had holidays since then until the 23rd April. This holiday is meant to be used for productive revision, working on deadlines and starting past papers. However, how can one make sure that they’re on top of their work?

1. Look at how many modules there are and start writing summary sheets as well as notes for each module.

2. For some modules they may be worth less credits than others. Make a list of all the lectures there are e.g. Module X is worth 7.5 CATS and has 15 lectures. On a sheet, I have written the numbers from 1-15 down. Once I’ve gone through the content for each lecture I will tick it, once I’ve done extra reading on that lecture I’ll tick it again.

3. Write answers for pastpapers and use any markschemes provided by your department to your advantage.

4. Once you have answers for past papers, exchange these with your friends and see what they have written down. Compare your answers and discuss.

5. Make sure you don’t complete all past papers, but only a few as you need them for May and June as well.

6. If you don’t understand a topic, put it on your departmental site, ask on the group chat or email the relevant lecturer. Make sure you understand everything that is taught as understanding is key to nailing exams.

7. Rememember to relax a little sometimes, too as this is easter and you are also meant to spend time with family and friends. If you have other commitments as well, make sure you keep a diary of all the important deadlines coming up so that you don’t miss them.

8. Also, don’t skip any lectures. Use easter to catch up with those lectures that you missed and make notes on those.

I hope these tips have helped a little.

My easter so far has been 40% productive and the remaining 60% has meant procrastination. Howvever, I have two weeks to turn this round. I wish everyone that has exams coming up soon, good luck!

Happy Holidays 😀


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