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How to survive term 2

I hope you have all settled into term 2. This term is probably busier than term 1 for most of us. Essay deadlines are all earlier on in the term, so you begin to wish that you started to do your research during the Christmas holidays.

You seem to have forgotten your Latin and Greek vocab, and you have probably forgotten that you haven’t spoken to your flat mates for almost a month. It’s fine, everything will bounce back! Make sure you have spoken to your personal tutor, or module tutors about your academic progress. Your next essay you should aim to make some sort of progress, or at least work on the targets given in your feedback. Choose your essay titles early and remember that your deadlines may have changed. It’s easy to repeat habits that you had last year, but try and make an extra effort to improve your work ethic. This will develop your ability to take control of your own progress.

Try new things this term! Look out for refreshers events, and up coming society activities. It’ll be a better way to catch up with your friends as well as making new ones. Go on that night out you missed last term, try venturing out of campus, try a new restaurant, go and see your friends from other universities, there’s no other better time to explore. Keep your timetable busy and full of a variety of things. It’s good to keep taking different opportunities to find what your personal strengths are.

You’re in control of your experience at university, make it worthwhile!

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