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How to survive Move-In Weekend

Hello hello and welcome back!

I hope that everyone has had an absolute cracker of a summer but has also got bored enough by late September to actually want to get back to a newly revitalised Kelseys and Smack on a Friday (I’m still in shock).

But this post is not for you returners, oh no, it is to say a big hello to all the baby Fresh that will today and tomorrow gazing wide-eyed around the piazza, clutching their printers and Platinum Passes, totally unprepared for the world.

Moving in weekend is terrifying and absolutely essential in the whole ‘growing up’ process that will happen to you in the first year of university and there are so many ways to get it right, but to be honest, just as many ways to get it wrong!

But don’t you worry, I, a wisened, bearded third year am here to give you all the advice you so desire to get you through all the hubub it successfully.

So lets crack on.

Get rid of your parents ASAP: I know its hard, they’re sad, you’re scared, you probably won’t end up seeing them until at least halfway through term, they’re letting their little baby fly the nest etc. etc. But they have to go at some point and if they are hanging around it makes it difficult to really get to know your new cohabitants. No group of youths can really be themselves with a load of teary middle aged people spectating, and this weekend is about socialising whether you like it or not, so let them buy you a Tesco shop then send them away.

Don’t prioritise unpacking:similarly to above, this is a big old distraction from the really tricky but rewarding thing of making friends with strangers. You’ve got time later, go make friends kiddo!

: I wish I’d remembered this, maybe I wouldn’t have ended up quite so diseased for the first month of uni, but keep your health in check this weekend! Remember to eat and drink water, your mum won’t be there to remind you.

Go to the MTV Party:The Freshers T shirt will 100% see you to the end of your university career and it’s the best piece of Warwick merch you will ever own so try and get one if you can. And if they’ve sold out DO NOT PANIC chances are you will be able to pay on the door to get in, especially after midnight! Believe me, I may currently be promoting the SU like crazy but this is definitely a worthy purchase; even if you’re not really into clubbing I would still give it a go, anything is better than being in your room on your own this weekend.

…and the Freshers Fair: FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA FREE PIZZA. Also you might catch me there, super stressed out, in a hideous tennis ball yellow t shirt, come say hi!

This really is a solid piece of advice even though it sounds silly. My flatmates from first year tell me that I was really confident and chatty in Term 1, and these are two things which I definitely am not, but I knew I had to be in order to have a good time. No one is really themselves from the get go, and if you’re going to reinvent yourself then you may as well make the ‘new you’ someone who’s approachable and looks like they’ve got themselves together! So join in on conversations, talk to people you don’t know at the bar and eventually you’ll forget that you’re faking it!

This weekend and the upcoming week is going to be one of the busiest of your life and you will be offered to try sports you’ve never heard of, nights out in places you’ve never been to and drinks you’d never thought you’d like and the best advice you will get on any of those ‘Surviving Freshers’ posts is

. If you don’t like it, you never have to do it again, but you already KNOW you like Stranger Things on Netflix so get out your Halls and give stuff a go!


love Fi xx

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