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How to survive exam season

Sophie Schremser | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sophie

Exam season can be accompanied by a lot of stress and anxiety. To not let these emotions get the best of you and influence your performance, it is important to find remedies or way to decrease or even eliminate these symptoms. Here are my major term 3 exam tips:

1.Sleep: even though you might feel the need to study day and night, getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night will help you stay concentrated. It also helps with memorising, and will improve your long-term knowledge. It is better to have studied productively for 6 hours, rather than to have been unproductive for 20.

2. Take breaks : it can sometimes feel very overwhelming to have so much work but the anxiety from failing prevents your from just taking a second to breathe. This is not ideal ! Even if it does not feel like it, it is actually better for you to take study breaks. Go have dinner with friends, or for a quick jog around the house. When you get back to studying, you will feel refreshed and will be ready to continue concentrating on work !

3. Exercise : I have already touched on this in point 2 but something good and bad at the same time about exam season is that the weather starts getting better. Of course this will be annoying when you’re stuck inside having a study date with books and coffee, but you can still enjoy the nice weather and use it to your advantage at the same time: go for a run ! Or if you do not like running, go for a walk, or go to the gym. It will boost your mood and help you study.

4. Plan your studying : it might sound really straightforward but you have no idea how many people do not make study plans ! Make sure you have a schedule, spending the necessary amount of time on every subject. Working on various subject throughout the day can help you stay concentrated and enthusiastic compared to when trying to work through 300 pages of a subject in one day. Obviously, this timetable should be adapted to your exam time table, prioritising the relevant subjects at the right time. This will help avoid last minute stress of not having studying enough or not knowing what to do next.

5. Do your own thing : try to avoid comparing yourselves to others during revision season. Others might not study the same way you do, but that does not matter. Some people might memorise things through repetition and others might have a photographic memory. Do not let these differences make you worry or feel guilty. For all you know, you are being more productive than them !

I wish you all the best of luck !

Sophie Schremser | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sophie

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