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How to survive during exam preparation

The third term is probably the most difficult part of the academic year, since most of the students need to sit their finals. How we all have an Easter break, and I hope everybody has managed to study during this 3-4 weeks. Foundation students start their studies next Monday, while Undergrads still have one week more. As a matter of fact, most undergraduate students come earlier, due to the fact that their exams start with the beginning of Term 3.

To get good grades in the exams they have to work hard all year round, and it is the time to show the knowledge. Students can face some problems in the exam preparation and the days of exams, as well. Let’s look through some issues and the most effective ways to overcome them.

PLAN your revision.

The first step to take, if you have not done this yet, is to plan your revision process accurately. Firstly, make a list of everything you need to study, explore what you need to study more, what you are already confident about. If you plan which topic you study and on which day, you’ll be sure that you finish all the revision before the exam. Leave some study-free days due to the fact that you need to rest!

Remember that during Term 3, library, learning grids and any sitting areas on campus are completely full. So they only thing you can do in a library is to collect a book if it’s somehow still available 🙂

Have a one-to-one personal tutor meeting.

In case of foundation studies, the students are supported by a personal tutor during the whole way, and we can meet him or her when we want. After a short discussion with my personal tutor, everybody from our tutor group feels much more confident! A tutor is a person to help you with your studies as well as university life, in general. And, in my own experience, this can be quite helpful, especially before the exams. In addition, you can arrange meetings with your lecture and seminar teachers, ask questions on the preparation, study material, exam format.

You have time!

The third term is so close, but remember that you do have time to study, revise and get prepared for the exams. If you plan the process and stay confident and real about your result, then you will be completely fine. Plan your time and rest wisely. That’s the best advice for success.

You can deal with stress!

Since now it’s the time for the hardest part of the year, it clear that all the students are nervous about their studies and exams. However, remember that you can still learn everything! Your family and friends support you and your university friends are in the same situation now.

Don’t be nervous, you are ready! Meet your tutor and teachers! Have fun with your friends, go somewhere and rest. You can do this!

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