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How to Stay Productive

As we dive into the depths of term 3, we are now deep into exam season. So here are my tips on how to stay productive when all you want to do is hit snooze and bury your face in your pillow.

  1. Remember that this isn’t forever

I know that this is hard to do but what helps me to keep going is to just remember that this isn’t forever. It’s only the last few meters of the marathon and we’re almost done. 

What helps me with this is to have countdown that tells me how long I have left until my last assignment. 

2. Don’t forget to take care of yourself 

The phrase “just keep going”, although motivating, can also be detrimental if we take it too seriously. Yes, we need to buckle up and hold on until the end of the ride but burning ourselves out is not gonna get us there. 

Remember to have enough sleep, eat well and look at my previous article if you want tips on how to stay happy during exam season. 

No one is capable of staying motivated whilst their mental and physical health is slipping. 

3. Take regular breaks

We often get caught up in our zones and work for hours on end without even a minute to have some water and a snack. Remember that your studying routine needs to be sustainable and you’ll need to be able to wake up and repeat it every single day for the next month or so. You might feel like you have the energy to study for 12 hours straight one day, but don’t forget to think about how that will impact your productivity the day after. You will likely wake up so tired that you won’t be able to concentrate or even oversleep and feel bad about yourself for missing hours of studying. 

Remember that every routine needs to be sustainable and you’re not a bad person for not being able to keep up with yours, it’s just probably too unrealistic. 

That being said, if you desperately feel like you need a day (or even half a day) off then TAKE IT! Forcing yourself to keep on working when your body needs rest will not be productive. You likely won’t get much work done and tire yourself out even more. Instead, take some time to enjoy yourself. Don’t spend all day mindlessly scrolling on social media because that won’t let your mind relax. Take a nice walk in nature, soak in some sunshine, have a long shower, listen to your favourite music, mediate, have a nap, go for a swim, join a yoga class… things that will actually make you feel good. 

4. Remember that there is support available 

Our personal tutors are here to support us so don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you have any concerns, questions, or just need some advice from someone who is experienced in this. 

Don’t forget that the wellbeing services are also there if you need any extra support, and don’t forget that they are sometimes able to assist you in getting extensions if you need them. 

Remember that the uni is here to support us so if you feel like your mental health really needs a break, chances are there will be a solution to help you a tiny bit. 

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